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River Road by Suzanne  Johnson
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Dec 09, 2012

it was amazing
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Romancing the Dark Side Review:

River Road begins about three years after Royal Street, post-Katrina, where we find DJ has assumed the role of sentinel of New Orleans with her shape shifter enforcer partner Alex by her side. Having the veil between our world and the Beyond weakened by hurricane Katrina has increased supernatural activity in New Orleans and kept the sentinels quite busy. When wizards begin to turn up dead and the waters of the Mississippi are threatened by poison, DJ and Alex are back to work to with an unlikely team: undead pirate Jean Lafitte and newly turned loup garou enforcer Jake, to uncover the mastermind behind the crimes.

I must say this sequel exceeded my expectations! I was a fan of DJ and the gang from the beginning but Ms. Johnson's writing had me glued to my ereader and sneaking in chapters whenever I had the chance. There's a lot more action this time around and DJ is more confident and mature. We are also introduced to some new supernaturals: mermen and nymphs who add a bit of mischief to the mix. While I didn't get enough of the sexual tension between DJ and Alex I wanted, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ms. Johnson has more in store for these two in the future.

While DJ doesn't exactly fit the profile of the butt-kicking heroines we're exposed to in most books of the urban fantasy genre, she still worthy of the title. She's inexperienced, a little nerdy (I mean the girl owns Harry Potter pjs...a girl after my own heart...LOL) instead of sexy and not what I'd call a strong fighter, but I think that's what made me connect with her. I thank the author for giving us a leading lady that's flawed and trying to find herself instead of a gorgeous, feisty fighter (not that there's anything wrong with this combo either!). DJ is a fighter in her own right, her smarts and sense of humor get her pretty far on her own....but what heroine is complete without some muscle behind her? Enter the men of Sentinels of New Orleans series...

Potential Love Interest #1: Alex Warin, the smart-ass, tough enforcer (and shifter) who is insanely attracted to DJ but refuses to give in to his feelings.

"Until you stop dating the undead Pirate Of The Caribbean, you have no room to laugh."

Potential Love Interest #2: Jake Warin, Alex's cousin and once human now turned loup garou (werewolf) who can't keep his paws off of DJ...literally!

"Sometimes, after an absence, people look smaller or plainer than memory has built them up to be. Not Jake. His wiry frame had bulked up in a good way, and he still had the shaggy, sun-kissed blond hair and amber eyes that had made my heart speed up. I hadn't seen the killer dimples yet, but I knew they were under that stubble somewhere."

Potential Love Interest #3: Jean Lafitte, centuries old historically dead pirate who's as dangerous as he is sexy and lives to flirt and tempt DJ ever chance he gets.

"Taking on Jean Lafitte as a devious, oversexed roommate? I'd sooner move in with Hannibal Lecter and a pot of fava beans."

All these men have their charms and while the banter between them and DJ is entertaining, I'm glad I'm not in her shoes if I had these alphas to choose from! Each relationship shows a different side of DJ but I must say I'm leaning towards Team Alex. Their partnership has grown into a friendship that I can see blossoming into a great romance. Alex and DJ are a great team, she's the brains and he's the muscle but there are times that the roles are reversed and our heroine steps in to rescue the hero. I love a well written love triangle, and while this might be more of a love-square, I don't fault DJ for her confusion when it comes to these men.

I can go on about my love for this book and series but risk giving away too much. The world and character development is phenomenal. From magical hierarchy to preternatural beings, River Road shines even brighter than it's prequel with an epic ending that will leave you speechless!


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