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Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman
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Aug 20, 07

really liked it
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Read in February, 2007

"There are two ways to look at life. The first view is that nothing stays the same and that nothing is inherently connected, and that the only driving force in anyone's life is entropy. The second is that everything pretty much stays the same (more or less) and that everything is completely connected, even if we don't realize it."

"In and of itself, nothing really matters. What matters is that nothing is ever 'in and of itself'".

"There's not a lot to say during breakfast. I mean, you just woke up, you know? Nothing has happened. If neither person had an especially weird dream and nobody burned the toast, breakfast is just the time for chewing Cocoa Puffs and/or wishing you were still asleep. But we've been convinced not to think like that."

"If you define your personality as creative, it only means you understand what is perceivedto be creative by the world at large, so you're really just following a rote creative template. That's the opposite of creativity. Everybody is wrong about everything, just about all the time."

"If cool was a color, it would be black - and Billy Joel would be sort of burnt orange."

"If given the choice between hearing a great band and seeing a cool band, I'll take the latter every time; this is why the Eagles suck."

"Every one of Joel's important songs - including the happy ones - are ultimately about the way it feels when you're being hugged by someone and it somehow makes you sadder."

"I hate that those letters still exist. But I don't hate them because what I said was false; I hate them because what I said was completely true. My convictions could not have been stronger when I wrote those words, and - for whatever reason - they still faded into nothingness."

"The truth is that most children don't love soccer; they simply hate the alternatives more."

"An inordinate number of cereal commercials are based on the premise that a given cereal is so delicious that a fictional creature would want to steal it."

"Teenagers dream they want to be cool, but mostly they just want to avoid being uncool."

"We pursue that which retreats from us, and coolness is always a bear market. Coolness is always what others seem to have naturally - an unspecific, delicious, chocolately paradigm we must pilfer through subterfuge."

"Being cool is mostly ridiculous, and so is sugared cereal. That's why we like it."

"Math is the antireligion, because it splinters the gravity of life's only imperative equation: Either something is true, or it isn't. Do or do not; there is no try."

"Most people consider forgetting stuff to be a normal part of living. However, I see it as a huge problem; in a way, there's nothing I fear more. The strength of your memory dictates the size of your reality. And since objective reality is fixed, all we can do is try to experience - to consume - as much of that fixed reality as possible. This can be done only by living in the moment (which I never do) or by exhaustively filing away former moments for later recall (which I do all the time)...Taoists constantly tell me to embrace the present, but I only live in the past and the future; my existence is solely devoted to a) thinking about what will happen next and b) thinking back to what's happened before. The present seems useless, because it has no extension beyond my senses."

"Lots of people (in fact, most people) do not dream about morphing their current life into something dramatic and cool and metaphoric. Most people see their life as a job they have to finish; if anything, they want their life to be less complicated than it already is."
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