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Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz
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Oct 09, 2012

really liked it
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How many books have you read that had you gripped from the beginning with their promising synopsis and never once disappointed you till the very end (with the disappointment being of the book ending)?

I think you can probably count such books on your one hand. Believe me when I say that Lucid is going to make that list of your few very special books. It is one of those books that you would want to start re-reading right after you’re done with it. The whole book is like a puzzle where you don’t know what the final piece has to look like but you try to fit the pieces in your own way nonetheless only to have the ending completely change your perspective, blow away your mind, knock you senseless and make you look at that puzzle in a new light that you can’t help but praise the author for this marvelously executed story.

In a nutshell, this is a story about two girls Maggie and Sloane who are perfectly normal if not for the dreams they share where one girl lives the life of the other when asleep. Maggie is an actress living in New York with her mother Nicole and her sister Jade, still getting over the loss of her father’s death who was her best friend, mentor and the most important person in her life. She likes to stay alone and doesn’t have many friends. She is confident, creative, spontaneous and can deal with situations in a pragmatic way without losing her cool even if she is scared beneath her façade. Sloane on the other hand lacks Maggie’s calm demeanor and cool personality. She has a bigger, more involved and caring family though with many girlfriends and a best friend to hang out with. She hides her vulnerability behind sarcasm and anger. Having lost one of her best friends to an accident a year back, she’s become more detached from her own life. However both their lives take an interesting turn with the entry of new guys that they start falling in love with. Their reality and dreams begin to blur as they try to hold on desperately to the life they’ve known, wondering what is real and what’s not.

To start off, let me just get this out of the way: Maggie and Andrew are my favorite characters with Jade and Gordy being a close second. Just in a matter of a few chapters, I started caring deeply about both Sloane and Maggie’s lives (even though I connected to Maggie instantly) and tried to think of various theories to fit their condition. My theories varied from being close to the actual truth to thinking of alternate universes and even something like the concept in the movie The Lake House. This book’s essence is love; a love so unique and true that once you find it, it lasts for a lifetime. But it’s not just limited to that. It is a heartbreaking, touching and truly beautiful tale of holding on to your individuality when nothing else seems to be real. Maggie and Sloane both had mixed thoughts about their own existence. Sometimes they were sure that the other person was a figment of their imagination, like after looking up each other in their respective towns, but sometimes they questioned if it was them, who was the unreal one. What could be more frightening than not knowing if the world around you is actually there or just someone’s imagination? What could be scarier than the thought of losing everyone you love one day? Imagine the not-knowing being a daily fear instilled inside your head. How would you hold on to your sanity then? While I was mulling over these thoughts inside my head, Maggie dealt by sharing all her fears with her shrink, Emma while Sloane, mentioned it off-handedly to her dad on occasions.

Moving on, I really liked how there were other short stories going on individually for both Maggie and Sloane, even if in the bigger picture, I can’t see how they help us realize anything better. For instance, I liked how Maggie dealt with her situation regarding Thomas. Her dilemma of sticking to her work ethic by not leading on Thomas only for job-benefit and at the same time wanting to give in to her attraction and give him a chance were portrayed really well. She made her mistakes but those only made her more real to me. On Sloane’s end, I liked how she realized that unconsciously she was leading on Gordy and I admit that I cried a little during that scene where Gordy looks at her and asks her not to talk to him like that. *sniffs*
Max and Jade were adorable siblings, but again, Jade was my favorite with her cute talks and that letter Maggie wrote for her towards the end made me a little emotional too. Now on to Andrew and James; with James, I think the major reason of me being indifferent towards him was Sloane. Her attraction and instant love and angst towards him really irritated me. I wanted Gordy to be the right one for Sloane and even if the ending satisfied me, I couldn't really understand why James’ attention was all that Sloane cribbed for. Sure, he was smart and seemed like a genuinely good person, but by the time I realized those qualities about him, it was almost the end. Andrew, though, was like a shining star through and through. From the moment he was introduced, I knew he had to be the one for Maggie and their chemistry was just wonderful. The way both of them hit it off felt surreal but I guess that was the whole point, right?

Anyways, coming back to the story, the last, ummm..say 25%, was sooo very confusing. If I had the time, I would have re-read the whole book by now, but since I don’t and can’t, I still don’t understand a lot of things. The few incidents that unfolded during those hazy times still make no sense to me. I at least know what triggered it but what I don’t understand is how it affected the story. I think I might need to re-read this book a number of times before I fully grasp the significance of a certain things or maybe not even then, but I surely can’t figure out a lot on my own till I discuss it with someone. So, you, yeah you reading this, if you've read the book, please feel free to comment or start a conversation so I can clear my head and if you haven’t, what are you doing? Start reading it now so we can discuss it asap!

Okay? Okay.

So, all in all, this book was really different from the kind of books I mostly read. It really makes you think and sets the cogs in your head into motion. There is obviously a looming threat of your thoughts going into overdrive and your head heating up or shutting down with the overload of questions or confusion but I assure you, it’s worth all that and more. Fair warning though: Be prepared to have this book and its characters take a permanent residence inside your head while you’re reading it and even after you’re done with it. Whenever I’m thinking about the ending, I have to resist the urge to bawl my eyes out and abandon everything and run back to this mind-blowing book and start reading it again so I can savor all its goodness once again. Now the big question might be, why the 4 stars and not 5 if this book is as awesome as my review has made it out to be, amirite? The only reason for a 4 is my confusion regarding a lot of things which I’m hoping will be cleared out once I re-read and discuss it with others. I might change my rating later but for now it’s 4 dazzling stars.

One of my favorite quotes:

“Then you know it’s saying that blurring the lines of individuality in a desperate attempt to stay connected is, ironically, the greatest enemy of true connection.”

Pre-review thoughts:


What did I just read?! I don't know what to say or how to express my feelings for this book.

From the beginning it had me smiling and very soon I started caring about both Maggie and Sloane. Soon I was pretty much engrossed in their lives and didn't want to believe what I knew was bound to be true. Tried to fit in a dozen theories but ended up being more confuzzled. This book made me cry, made me laugh, had me surprised, had me wondering, captured all my attention, took a permanent residence inside my head.. even when I wasn't reading the book and the ENDING. OMG!

I don't know if I can write a proper review to this but I'll try.

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