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What Hides Within by Jason  Parent
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Oct 09, 2012

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This is a story that almost was. There is a fabulously creepy plot with a cool twist and you have no idea what the evil is until the very end. But… for me, it gets lost in its execution. There are many subplots going on that merge together at the end, but they don’t feel connected to the main story and only added unnecessary length to the book. With the help of a top-notch editor this book could be a 4.5 sheeper, but I think since this is a debut book and most of its problems were with the technical aspects of storytelling the author will only get better with each book. You should keep an eye on his name.

I have to be careful talking about the plot because spoilers would ruin the story. If you have spider issues, stay away from this book! Chester is a black widow spider who takes up residence in Clive’s ear and the reason why is one of the surprise twists of the story. I liked Chester, but I felt he acted more like an angry teenager than what he is supposed to be, which I can’t tell you without ruining things. I really didn’t like the main character Clive. He is an ass for the most part and I never really felt sympathetic to his plight or any of the other characters for that matter, but this might have been the intention of the author. There wasn’t much suspense until near the end of the story so it was easy to put the book down, but I always wanted to go back and find out what was going on.

It seems like I found a lot wrong with the story but like I said earlier, it is a good editor away from a great book. I think it is still worth the read for those who like a serial killer horror story. I read a variety of genres, everything from Oedipus to The Haunted Vagina and I have loved (and hated) everything in between, so I don’t want any grief over what I am going to say . I think this is a guy’s book. Some stories appeal to both sexes and some appeal to only one. Movies are the same way. A guy’s idea of love and relationships is different. Girls won’t like Clive, he is a loser and a jerk. Having said this, there are a lot of female reviewers who have given this book 4 and 5 star ratings. So there you go… make sure to check out what others are saying.

3 “wearing panty hose on my head while I sleep” Sheep
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