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Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
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Aug 09, 2007

did not like it

One of the rare few books I couldn't finish. I could not empathize with the lead character at all - once he turned into a vampire I would be regularly bombarded with paragraphs describing how goddamn beautiful everything was now that he could see them with his vampire eyes. The forest was beautiful, the night sky was beautiful, the homeless people were beautiful...not normally, mind you, only when seen through vampire eyes.

These special vampire eyes might be the reason why Louis (narrator) and Lestat (sort of bad guy) spend most of their time making moon eyes at one another.

In fact, that's mostly all I can remember from the story since the plot was so forgettable. Aside from the characters adopting a girl (which was entertaining), Louis spends most of his time admiring things or arguing with Lestat.

Skip the book, watch the movie.
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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie That is hilarious ("the forest was beautiful, the night sky was beautiful, the homeless people were beautiful") and completely true.

Cassa Don't forget how everything was preternatural.

message 3: by Eclipso (new)

Eclipso i think the amount of louis's philosophing and whining (tendency towards man to man affection, bleh) has clouded the plot and made it somewhat background thing.

Myth Oh my, Whole paragraphs of description? Haha. Wow, really? You might want to avoid Wilde and Tolkien. I honestly don't understand why movie buffs read books. If reading isn't typically your taste of medium for entertainment, then don't bother with it.

Zhane I have to agree with you on this one. The movie is glorious, but not so much the novel.

message 6: by Aliraluna (new)

Aliraluna Hahahaha Indeed! the movie is way better. The same with the other movie of another book of this serie. I didn't finished the book! too bad because I really love this movies...

Sylvia Actually, i prefer the book. More detail, more questions answered. Ann Rice is morbid, but a great talent. I hated the previous one i read, A Cry to Heaven. Beautiful writing but i still hated it.

Caryn I didn't finish this one either. Your review sums up why I didn't pretty spot on.

Caryn And I believe this book was the start of my disdain for all things vampire. I went the way of the zombie instead.

message 10: by Serena (new)

Serena I enjoyed the movie, but i'm guessing the book will disappoint...

Wendy you shouldn't be talking about it if you didn't finish the book.
It doesn't make any sense.

Mallory Cleveland It's funny you say to skip the book and watch the movie when Anne Rice wrote the screenplay....

Andrew Obrigewitsch The movie was way, way better than the book. The movie was pretty good, the book was terrible, and it's the only time I have ever seen a movie that was better than the book.

message 14: by Janet (new) - added it

Janet loved your review and agree. This too is one of the few books I started and didn't finish.

Jesse Stahl I will say I struggled with book one, but flew through the rest of the series. The other books are from another, more badass, perspective that you may enjoy. Most fans suggest skipping Interview and starting with The Vampire Lestat. I also suggest this alternative.

Michelle Only Wants to Read This may be the only time I've said the movie is definitely better than the book. I can't stand Louis! I want him to shut up about his misery and brooding sadness. The best part of the movie is we skipped all those sad and pathetic thoughts of his. All he knows to say is "I don't know..."
Ugh! Frustrating!

Topher S. The movie can't compare, nor capture the otherworldly feel of the book. The book may be flawed - most are - but such atmosphere!
And Claudia in the novel is a tiny, fierce monster in the body of a tiny 6 year-old. With a tiny voice of a six-year-old! Try reading her dialogue with that in mind.
I enjoyed most of "The Vampire Lestat", but found the whole rock star thing silly. Plus I tend to dislike it when authors revise characters they've already established, so I prefer "Interview" to stand on its own the way Rice originally wrote it. After "Queen of the Damned" it all just became cumbersome and unreadable.

Michael Let me preface with the fact that I saw the movie first before I began reading the book (incidentally I am un the middle of reading it for the first time). As much as I enjoyed the movie, I am enjoying the book just as much if not more. unlike other comments I read, I find the dialogue between the two main characters in part one and Louis' s musing insightfull and thought provoking. I think it really makes one contemplate human nature as a whole.

Daniela Kazarian I had problems reading this one too, I read half of it and found it boring. But years after trying to read it, I came across the movie and I enjoyed it. I just finished reading the book and I found the ending better.

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