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Galway Bound by Heidi Belleau
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Dec 23, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** This was a hard book to rate. The first two-thirds were terribly disappointing to me. I REALLY loved Cormac and Sean in The Druid Stone and was very excited to read about them again, but it felt like reading about two different characters that had their names. I just did not see the characters I fell in love with doing such hard-core BDSM. Light BDSM (bondage, playful orgasm denial, stinging ass-slaps and hair-pulling in the heat of passion) I could absolutely see and would have enjoyed. But the belt whipping prior to any sexual heat, ropes tied around the scrotum, and slapping the fuck out of him while Sean was looking at him adoration (I'll admit, that last one made me flinch and want to cry!)just didn't feel like anything loving, attentive, gentle Cormac would do. And then there were the things that they DIDN"T do!! I can't believe we were told that Cormac wanted to ride Sean and then he DIDN" just CAN"T do that to me!!!!! Don't get me wrong, while I am not a huge fan of hard-core BDSM (soft-core....bring it on!), it doesn't offend my sensibilities when it is in character. Here, it felt like my beloved characters were highjacked.

Then all of a sudden (as soon as Cormac took his clothes off to balance out the power differential) my beloveds were back. The last third of the book was 5-stars. I loved seeing them again. Some lovin' at this point would have been nice, but I could live without it.

Regardless, the authors have obviously done an excellent job creating people I care about. I'm not a big reviewer, I usually write 3-4 sentences for a 500 pg book, if that, but I'm here writing an essay for book with less than 50 pgs.
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