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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
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Jan 14, 2009

it was amazing
Read in December, 2008

Bottom line: This is a beautifully written and incredibly compelling love story... coming from a girl who "doesn't read mushy love stories".

Its a gripping and completely engrossing tale of violence, lust, love, compassion, choice, freedom, and determination. Its a long book (but very quick read- i couldn't put it down), and there are so many more "categories" and themes you could tack on to this book's credit, but I care to just call it "storytelling at its best". It transports you to another time and place, where modern frivolities are stripped away and the reader can examine the realities of human nature that lie at the core of life's dilemmas. Your imagination will be swept away, while at the same time, I felt strangely reflective and rooted in logic and reality- in many ways, the book deals with issues and experiences, both painful and pleasurable, in a strikingly realistic and earnest way; issues relevant both in past and present. Most importantly however, the book deals with a love so profound, it transcends time. What i found most interesting, was watching the relationship between Jaime and Claire develop from initial lust, to young passionate love, to wise "ol married" love- the growth is obvious from page to page and book to book. As a reader, you become intimately acquainted with these characters and consequently grow with them and their love.

I'd also like to comment briefly on many other reviewers' "aversion" to the multiple scenes of intimacy, love-making, and sometimes just straight up sex (the reader will be entertained with all types of 'love' in this book)- I just have to say, this is life, this is love, this is relationships- grow up! This isn't mushy romance, it's real life- they have passionate sex, angry sex, quite moments of intimacy, spiritual sex, rough sex.... etc etc etc... Thank you Gabaldon for showing the vast range of emotions that find their place within the various forms and contexts of "the act" haha its refreshing.
I think its pretty amusing that people are taken-aback and even offended by scenes so closely tied to our most basic instincts. Sex isn't dirty or perverse (although perversions are portrayed in plenty, both realistically and quite disturbingly throughout the novel), but the love life of Jaime and Claire is completely healthy and fits perfectly (ie not a distraction) in the storyline. This book was written for adults, not children- sex is a part of daily life- why shouldn't there be tons of scenes? Would you prefer the novel equivalent to the clique film "cut away to the wind rustling the curtains" scene??? please.

*********Anyway, this was longer than i intended, but i wanted to get an alternate view point out about the novel's brilliant qualities and its overt sexuality. I love it! Read it and you won't regret it- its a classic for sure.***********

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Jessica Thank you so much for this review. You say exactly how I felt about the book in a way I could never have thought of. I only wish I was a good enough writer to be able to express thoughts like this. This was probably the best book I ever read. And the romance and sex in the book was better than any "romance" novel could ever even dream of accomplishing, because it was about a deep and true love with an amazing story behind it.

Heather Thank YOU for your compliments, they were very flattering and I blushed a little haha
also, I don't think you give yourself enough credit ;) writing isn't about using big words or flowery language, its about expressing your 'truth', whatever that may be, and i think you did that quite well in your (much more) concise comment... i can get a bit wordy sometimes haha

thanks again, have a good one, and keep reading the series, ITS AMAZING! I'm on book 4!!

Jessica I can't wait to read the rest. I started the second book a long time ago and didn't get very far in. One of these days I will!

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