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Transmetropolitan, Vol. 1 by Warren Ellis
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I like this comic. It is 'edgy'. I like it because it rails against the world it sees as the problem, while simultaneously inventing all sorts of new problems for the world. Like it says, what matters is not how much of the stuff that goes on there is shit, what matters is that the city is alive.

I couldn't help thinking of the movie 'Talk Radio' when I read this, it being one of my favorite movies, and the shared idea of the journalist who is wanting to be the furious messenger who is really, inside, the calm(?-nascent?) center of the world, only Spider Jerusalem is coming down from the mountain in the beginning of this series, not seeking proof that anyone else even knows it exists (before dying there) like the guy in Talk Radio.

Because Spider aims to change the political scene and is more punk than shock, I guess that's where the two differ. I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes. I picked up a bunch of issues at my comic shop, so I can read on.

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