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Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber
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Oct 07, 2012

really liked it
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I don’t remember the theme of the prom but it seemed to be something along the lines of Social Darwinism Under the Stars. Lights and shimmering tinsel had transformed the gymnasium into a pulsating soup of glandular hostility.

This is the start to a night Perry is hoping to be done with quickly. It’s his senior year and his parents had decided to host an exchange student. Instead of Nadia, à la American Pie, they get Gobi. She’s an Eastern European weirdo with greasy hair and bizarre habits. She confesses that she really wants to take part in prom before she returns home and wouldn't it be great if Perry took her? Perry’s band is playing an important gig in the city that night, but that’s his only argument when his parents set the two of them up. His master negotiator father promises the use of his Jag, the car Perry can only ever look at but never touch. In exchange, Perry figures he can get in and out at the prom and still make it to his show. That is, until Gobi’s secret identity decides to come out and play. Turns out she’s on a mission and she has several hits to make before the night is over.

From there, the night is off like a shot. It’s fast and furious and Gobi is leaving heaps of dead bodies in their wake. This is decidedly *not* Perry’s scene, but she has a very real threat hanging over his family and he has no other option than to be her chauffeur getaway driver. She also has no qualms about pulling a gun on him and breaks no sweat discussing ending his life, because she is legit crazy. Perry spends the night trying to finagle his way out of this mess but only manages to get sucked in again and again. And then he hears the why and maybe Gobi isn't so cracked after all.

It’s crazy and way implausible and explosion-y and bloody, but basically cinematic. You are right there with Perry when the night goes horribly awry and the best part of the story is his normalcy. We have no rock in this storm and it’s effin’ bananas. Remember Adventures in Babysitting? Kind of like that. I had fun.

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