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The Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael Anderson
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Oct 07, 2012

really liked it

After dating Taycee for a while, Pat believes she is the one. He prepares a surprise and proposes to her. But Taycee breaks his heart: she sure thinks he’s a nice guy, but she just doesn't feel the same way he does. Truth be told, Taycee hasn't been in a real relationship for years, since she had her heart broken by Luke, her crush while they were on school. Luke left town and promised to keep in touch, but he never did. She doesn't let herself get involved since then, she hasn't found anyone who would make her feel the butterflies flying in her stomach.

That’s when Jessa, Taycee’s best friend, traps her into a bachelorette reality show. Jessa is trying to save the local farms from bankruptcy and comes up with the idea of an internet reality show featuring a local bachelorette to raise funds to help the farmers. Calling in an old favor Taycee owned her, Jessa makes Taycee the star of the show, against Taycee’s wishes. And if that weren't already bad, Luke ends up being one of the bachelors courting Taycee. He is back in town after years, he’s opening his own veterinarian clinic in Shelter Springs. Taycee wants him out of it ASAP and she’s not gonna waste any chances she has to get him voted out of the show.

The Reluctant Bachelorette is a fun contemporary romance. Taycee is hilarious and I had a great time reading her story. Everyone has had—or at least knows someone who has—a jerk in the past who broke their heart in a million pieces and became afraid of committing again. I know I did. But it is possible to trust and love and commit again. We see this story through both Taycee’s and Luke’s point of view and it is impossible not to root for them to be together again. The characters grow on you and you so want to stop Taycee for messing up with Luke’s chances in the competition. She has 21 guys courting her when she show begins and I’d love to see the footage of some of her dates, just so I could laugh it with again! A chick-lit at its best, definitely.

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