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Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane
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Oct 06, 12

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Read in September, 2012

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An epic archeological adventure, Masks of the Lost Kings is a conspiracy story involving an Oxford University graduate student named Suzy da Silva. Suzy is a bright and upcoming archeologist who is researching her thesis on the link between Christianity and the ancient Egyptian culture. She is introduced to the Horus Corporation, the company funding her research, by Professor Piper. When she arrives in Egypt she is emerged into an ancient mystery surrounding the ancient cultures of both Egypt and Mexico. The mystery involves sacred numbers used by the Egyptians and the Mayans; small clues left in their temples that could potentially unravel a truth about the Earth’s future. Along the way Suzy is given clues from an anonymous source about this secret truth, and with the help of astrophysicist Tom Brookings, is about to discover what has been hidden for thousands of years. The only problem, some very important and influential people wish to keep this truth a secret…now Suzy and Tom are not only trying to find the answers hidden in the past but they are also fighting to stay alive in the present!

I enjoyed reading this story because of my love for mythology and of ancient cultures; these were the main factors that attracted me to the book, and they also became the reason I continued to read the book. Although the story was interesting enough, I felt the characters lacked substance. Yes, there was a background story to the main characters – Suzy and Tom – but for some reason they both didn’t really grow on me. I actually had more of a connection with Professor Logan; he seemed more realistic in his actions and behavior. That being said, the overall story was intriguing as the author kept the reader guessing. There were a few times I thought I knew who was behind the attempts on Suzy’s life only to doubt my sleuthing skills by some other circumstance that arose. Same with the mystery…I never really unraveled the clues until the very end when the author wanted you to unravel them. To me, having the reader not really know the outcome until the end is a good sign that the story is complex enough to entertain and engage the reader throughout the entire book, not just the beginning.

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