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Burn for Burn by Jenny Han
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Oct 06, 2012

really liked it
Read from October 06 to 07, 2012 — I own a copy

I bought it on Saturday.
I finished it on Sunday.
It is about three different girls (oOOoo interesting) who plot revenge. Lillia, that girl you see in the popular clique, plots revenge on one of her friends, Alex, because Lillia suspects him for hooking up with her sister.
Kat (or Katherine) is that girl who smokes and has a broken family. She's plotting revenge against Rennie, Lillia's best friend, for they were a trio before, and now have broken up because of Rennie's lies.
AND Mary is that pretty girl you think is perfect, but nope, she has a past. She plotting revenge against Reeve, a QB and part of the popular clique.

I like how each character is sort of related to one another, and how each character has a role or significance whatsoever. Did I like the book? Well, it was a pretty light book filled with vengeance and pretty girls who get even and I read it in 24 hours.
I'm pretty sure I saw this book in the paranormal section, and during the ending of the book, I guess I know understand why such high school teen fiction is in the paranormal section. (Guessing)
So why did I give this book four stars .... that is because it was SO FAST! I WANT MORE. AND WHY WAS LILLIA'S REVENGE LONGER THAN MARY AND KAT'S? D: I'm sorry I don't like Lillia okay.
AND because I hate Lillia, this is why the duo authors are great authors! Making me hate a fiction character and that character is the popular girl, I commend you!

Okay so I need a better reason for giving four stars... hmm... let's just look at the bright points!
1) Personality is shown very well.
2) Those teacher scenes are not shown and I'm happy because sometimes those scenes are sooo boring.
3) Real-life problems are shown. (view spoiler)
4) As I said, every character has their own role in the book so no character gets left behind! :)

Okay, I have know have my dislike list:
1) Lillia in the cover. (FYI, I'm Asian, Chinese in fact. Is Lillia suppose to be Chinese?)
2) The ending. (view spoiler)
3) Mary's POVs. (Because it's so short and Mary is my favorite character. AND WHEN IT IS LONG THOUGH, she talks about her past with Reeve. smmh. But I guess that's personality? Oh well)

I WOULD SOO read the next book (Fire for Fire, am I right?) I want the duo to answer my questions:
1.) Is Mary from a family of those supernatural people or something?
2.) What the heck happens to Reeve? (KARMA!)
3.) What happens to Alex and Lillia?
4.) When will Rennie finally admit how trashy she is? (Trash coming from Kat's words)
5.) If Alex and Lillia are hooking up, will you(authors) make a better sexy character for Kat?
6.)Will Mary ever think about committing suicide again?

Thoughts during the period of reading the book.
I like Mary so far :] *going to edit this*
Wait what
Oh well I guess that's character personality?
I don't like Lillia at all, I'm sorry, but the cover girl Lillia in the book cover doesn't seem matching. She looks like a bookworm in the cover.
But I really like that writing. I'm hating on Lillia so much. Can't she just speak for herself? Smmh.
//edits two minutes later
I would rather have a Rennie POV then Lillia. I would like to see a petite woman in the cover.

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Pat Lillia is Korean

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