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Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
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Oct 05, 2012

really liked it
Read from October 03 to 06, 2012

This book was by far the best so far in the series, both in its delivery and its plot. The writing was smoother as compared to its predecessors and the world-building had been steadily improving. The murder cases that Alex Craft, our witchy/fae protagonist, got involved in were quite solid and the story kept me turning the pages. The book was definitely a roller coaster ride that didn’t cease to amaze me at every turn.

To be honest, I wouldn’t say that Alex was one of my favourite heroines. Well, she simply wasn't the badass kind and besides her plane-weaving abilities and improving investigative skills, I really didn't know what she was good at. Despite her flaws though, I found that she often tried her hardest to do the right things. She was loyal to her friends and she had a strong sense of morals. So in some ways I found her admirable. However, given the nature of her work (being a grave witch and now a private investigator), she often got herself involved in difficult situations, even causing havoc inadvertently. And sometimes I would shake my head at the amounts of troubles that she’d get herself in.

The love triangle concerning Death (the sexy-and-to-drool-over-for soul collector and Alex’s childhood crush) and Falin (Alex’s one-time lover, who was also a fae knight oath-bounded to the winter queen) was getting really tiresome. It seriously needed to be resolved soon before I started to lose my freakin’ mind!!! So all along, I was hanging my hat on Falin, but then his screen-time in this novel was minimal and where he did make appearances he simply pissed me off. On the other hand, Death finally had considerably more time with Alex in this book due to his temporary mortal circumstances, and I actually started to feel connected with him through his interactions with Alex. And then BAM, (view spoiler). Usually by book #3 in a series, the protagonist’s love choice would have become more apparent. But no, the love triangle here just seemed to drag on indefinitely with no potential resolution in sight. I was infuriated by this and the fact that the author just kept stringing the readers on. This needed to be resolved, like SOON, next-book-SOON!!!!

Alex’s fae heritage had finally become more solidified in this book, although some of its details still remained a mystery. Actually, talking about fae, as compared to the last book, this instalment contained much less fae elements and was more focused in the mortal realm since Alex was busy trying to find the killer.

Was I disappointed by this? Perhaps a wee bit, as I wished to find out more. But the story was kept at a pace so fast that it didn’t really bother me.

Overall, I was quite pleased by this book, aside from that fact that I was peeved about Alex’s love situation. It was a quick read and the series seemed to be progressing and getting better with each book. This certainly gave me something to look forward to next year, when book #4 was scheduled to be released.


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