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The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult
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I am planting myself firmly in the middle between the two local friends who each went on and on about this book. One loved it, the other despised it. Both are mothers of teenage girls. One has a very fundamentalist background (hated it) and one works in mental health (loved it).

AS for me-- it was neither here nor there. I felt incredibly sad for all characters involved. The subjects are very hard: sexual activity in teens, rape, drug and alcohol use, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal...I know the insertion of the comic book pages, while semi-pertinent to the plot probably did a lot to aggravate my one friend. I like some graphic novels, but found this segment a bit difficult to follow, even with the parallel story line.

The bits about Alaska were interesting to me, the bits about teen sex and drug activity were horrifying. And Sorrow Pie sounds like a keeper recipe. Wish I knew the entire list of ingredients and the ritual.


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