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The Geographer's Library by Jon Fasman
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I had such high hopes for this initially. History, mystery, age old sects, alchemy, a little modern day love...oh it sounded so cool! And the device the author used of alternating the modern day story, of Paul Tomm, a young reporter in a small town setting out to write what should be a routine obituary and discovering instead a plot and tale that goes back centuries, with bits and baubbles of that old tale itself, was at first fun. But it got tiresome for me, and the story bogged down a bit. But, as this is a debut book, I think that I would read another by this author-- I just won't be passing this one on to mr czuk or raving about it at a meetup. (Both of which I thought might be possibilities when I first began to read.)

On the plus side, I did go to the dictionary to learn what desouzaphobia meant until I realized he was scared of being seen by a character named Mrs DeSouza! (badda bing!) And I liked the description of Professor Jadid's kitchen as "long and low, warmly lot, with prenty of dark wood surfaces: the sort of room to pass a childhood in."

From the Publisher
"Fasman†s fast-paced tale is almost all plot... These characters are better drawn than those in TheDa Vinci Code." - Newsweek

Jon Fasman†s dizzyingly plotted intellectual thriller suggests a marriage between Dan Brown and Donna Tartt. When reporter Paul Tomm is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a reclusive academic, he finds himself pursuing leads that date back to the twelfth century and the theft of alchemical instruments from the geographer of the Sicilian court. Now someone is trying to retrieve them. Interspersed with the present action are the stories of the men and women who came to possess those charmed - and sometimes cursed - artifacts, which have powers that go well beyond the transmutation of lead into gold. Deftly combining history, magic, suspense, and romance - and as handsomely illustrated as an ancient incunabulum - The Geographer†s Library is irresistible.

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