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Shift by Em Bailey
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Oct 04, 2012

it was amazing
Read from October 03 to 04, 2012

Amazing. What other words to describe it? Like Olive said there's no other words in the English language to describe it. This book have all the things that makes a great novel with a gripping, funny, mysteries and original storyline that gets you hooked. This book will keep you guessing through the end. Seriously, even the ending left you shrouded with mystery.

The author's writing is one of my favourite. Her writing is flawless, smooth and neatly arranged so that the surprises will be revealed in the most dramatic way that will left you shaking your head and gaping in wonder. The plot is always full of surprises and twisting turns. In addition to the amazing plots is the characters. Each of the character is distinctive and each of them have the little quirks and flaws in them that makes them real . The author never fails to make you love them even Miranda.

When I read the synopsis, I wasn't expecting to see a paranormal edge to this novel. The paranormal aspects of this story is unique and different. I never read other books with idea like this before. Truly one and only. The idea of a shapeshifter is totally different. Shapeshifter drained a personality out of a person and slowly but terrifyingly turning into them and the original person would die slowly. Creepy huh? I partly wish this book would be a series just so I can read more about the shapeshifters. But I don't think that would be such a great idea since despite of the mysterious ending I still think the story is complete, well, in the mysterious way...

Near the middle of the book, the story takes a different, unexpected but interesting turn. Some people moan and yelled at Olive for her sudden stupidity but I don't mind at all. This just further shows that main characters ain't always suppose to be the perfect, shiny and brilliant type that seems to always do the right thing. Even main characters have flaws that makes them more real. Even Olive learns her lesson and works her way out in the end. So no worries, our main character is strong. :)

This book might seem simple at some point with a little cute romance added in. I may have said this a thousand times already that I dislike romance. I can stand if it's a side story, love it even. But I know sometimes it is important to add a little of it to the story to make it more interesting, real and I enjoy it sometimes. The main character, Olive has some conflict-romance with Lachlan and I love it how she is not some kind of damsel in distress stereotype and instead she is the true heroine who go through and learn her own mistakes. She fell down but doesn't need a knight in shining armour to help her get up. Sometimes what she need is a knight that would help point her to the right direction. That's what Lachlan is for. Another thumbs up for this novel for that.

For a first YA novel, Em Bailey sure have wrote such an incredible novel. Shift is one truly amazing read that you guys should check out. I am now officially Em Bailey's number one fan. I am looking out for more Em Bailey's masterpiece. Keep it up Em!

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“I am weird, and you know what? That's OK. So are most interesting people.”
Em Bailey, Shift

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Lectus Sounds interesting! added to my list :-)

Marshiee Kai It's awesome!
I finish reading it already :D

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