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Monster by Walter Dean Myers
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Jan 11, 2009

Recommended for: Humberto Cnca

Book report

Monster is about a teen named steve who is on trial for murder. He starts to write his experience during his trial and while he is in jail. He makes it in a movie script format and the only reason hes on trial is because he was in on a plan that they were going to steal money from a drug store. But the plan went wrong when his friend king and another person named bobo killed the man. Steve was supposed to go in the store and check if there was any cops in the store, and king and bobo were supposed to rob the drug store but king killed the store owner and every one had to lay low. They got caught because bobo sold some cigurettes to a person on the street and told him that he robbed a drugstore.

Bobo ratted on steve and king and they are on trial, all of them for murder. While the trial is going on steve's attorney tries to make him look different from the other juvenile dliquints to make him look human. There are many people who testafy against king but not that many testafy against steve. Steve hates jail and wishes he was somewhere else because in the night he hears people getting beaten up and or raped. He wrote in his notebook that he didnt do anything but go inside the drugstore and look for gum but near the he lied under oath because he said he was not in the drugstore but in his notebook he said he went to the drugstore.At the end the jury finds steve not guilty but king guilty of murder and robbery. But steve is tring to find out who he really is

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