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Downside Girls by Jaine Fenn
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Oct 12, 2012

really liked it
Read from October 03 to 12, 2012

Downside Girls
By Jaine Fenn

Publisher: Clarion Publishing / Monico
Published In: London, England
Date: 2012
Pgs: 154

A mega-cloud city where those responsible for the city’s public life, when they step over the perceived bounds of propriety, face extermination at the hands of the augmented and implanted Angels, assassins who come from the Downside population. Instruments of the city’s will, they await the vote that will send their next target into their path.

A woman in a downside bar spills her drink on an Angel and an odd relationship begins.

A child of the Undertow gets caught up in a removal while running through Topside. An angel needs a witness...and you’ve been selected.

A water trader’s almost grown children find something that doesn’t belong in the Undertow. The gangs of downside are looking for it...many people are looking for it, not all of them people anymore.

Topside life draws music teacher and musician Madam Mier to a removal where she is injured. An injury that threatens her career and love of music...but is something else threatening her. And what does the mysterious new student have to do with it?

Short Stories; Science Fiction

Main Character:
The Angel Malia in Collateral Damage
Geal in Death on Elsewhere Street
Isha in Angel Dust
Larnia Mier in The Three Temptations of Larnia Mier

Favorite Character:
Malia comes across as very human even though she isn’t strictly such anymore. Cyborg and maybe something else. Would love if her story was expanded beyond Collateral Damage.

There’s a heavy sadness that hangs on Malia and on Geal from ...on Elsewhere Street.

Least Favorite Character:
I don’t like the villain in Collateral Damage. Can’t tell you more than that without SPOILERS. You won’t like the villain either.

Larnia Mier...I don’t believe I don’t like her because of her motivations, but her justifications and the way she uses them remind me of too many people I know.

Favorite Scene:
When Malia experiences the dawning in Collateral Damage.

The scene in Death when when Geal goes to mourn her friend.

Plot Holes/Out of Character:

Last Page Sound:
Collateral Damage - Damn.
Angel Dust - Wow!

Author Assessment:
The world of Undertow and Topside are well realized; the societies, the physical world. The deathfeast of the downsiders...eewww. Great stories. I would definitely read more stuff by the author.

Disposition of Book:
It’s an e-book. I may re-read it at some point.

Why isn't there a screenplay?:
In a Sin City type of situation where you’ve got multiple vaguely interrelated stories, this could make an excellent movie. The Angels, their motives and their abilities and pasts would make an excellent plot device.

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