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And All the Stars by Andrea K. Höst
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Oct 05, 2012

bookshelves: sf
Recommended to Sherwood by: Estara Swanberg
Read from October 03 to 05, 2012

Madeleine, an artist, sneaked off on an art-related trip rather than going to school, when the world is attacked.

She finds herself in the wreckage of a station, wading through weird blue dust. She discovers a strange wall where there had not been one, and many victims of the forceful appearance of that wall, before she makes it to her cousin's to collapse.

She wakes up changed.

Eventually she goes out to find others, find out what's going on, and of course to seek help. But everyone is doing the same.

Madeleine ends up making friends for the first time. Not only friends. As information comes in, the group makes their plans for resistance, knowing that they are in danger.

And danger happens.

The pacing was fast--in some parts totally absorbing--and I loved the characters. I loved the relationships between individuals and how a group forms. I love the handling of "insiderness" of groups, especially for survival--and I absolutely loved the mystery within a mystery.

Maybe some elements weren't as developed as they could have been, and there were some tiny bumps when crucial info was fitted in as throwaways after the fact (and the usual scattering of copyediting oopsies) but those were minor glitches in a story I could not put down.
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40.0% "Reading on train--the tension never lets up. A very large cast, sometimes feels unwieldy but the forward drive is magnificent. The author deserves a good copy-edit-- hope she will get it."

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Estara YES! That was so gripping right away and the slow discovery of what the subway looked like (it was definitely an underground station.. but it might have been a tram. I pictured a subway, I have to admit).

message 2: by Sherwood (new) - added it

Sherwood Smith Tram or subway interchangeable to me (we have neither)

Estara Indeed. That's one thing I don't envy you - what's left of your public transport system.

Estara It really must be your native speaker English teacher and published writer level - I did find three mistakes and told her about them, but I didn't see anymore copyediting oopsies. On the one hand I'd love for her to be published traditionally as well, on the other hand I doubt whether a traditional publisher would take a chance on books previously available in print (if POD, I think). Except if she becomes the next hyped discovery like that ya paranormal author... I don't even remember her name because I haven't read any of her books - who became a millionaire just via Kindle sales before being snapped up.


message 5: by Sherwood (new) - added it

Sherwood Smith These were small but pesky oopsies, and other sorts of little stuff that a pro copyeditor catches. As for publication, the situation of Amanda Hocking does indeed promise much change. (I myself had a talk with an editor just two days ago about possible reprint of a POD thing, so the old rule no longer prevails.)

I plan to ask some actual editors about this matter--I really think AH deserves a much wider audience.

Estara *hug in thought* You're a sweetie, too ;-) - nothing may come of it but - like my tiny giveaway and recommendation bit only reaches a few - if no one does anything there is no chance for developments.
I hope your POD reprint comes through the way you want it in any case.

Honestly, most of all I'm glad you enjoy an author I recommended to you. It doesn't equal the hours of pleasure you've given me but I like that I could give back more than just my money.

message 7: by Sherwood (new) - added it

Sherwood Smith My thanks to you in turn. It is always great to discover a new author--but it is especially fun to share.

Estara Yes ^^!

Turtles Some nerd-gasm over her for the awesome comments. I got a little confused by the terminology of the "train" station she was in. We have a "light rail" in my area, but I got the impression the Sydney transportation was underground.

OK I checked Wiki and their "subway" is both below and above ground.

I think she could blow people away if exposed to the audience. :)

I remember when I read SS's Wren to the rescue when I was little, then Inda as an adult. So much awesome :)

message 10: by Estara (last edited Oct 06, 2012 02:47AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Estara I envy you that early discovery somewhat, Turtles, I only discovered Sartorias in 2004, when I was 37 via that incredible Firebirds anthology by Sharyn November, the editor of her upcoming co-written novel Strangers with Rachel Manija Brown - which I had bought for the Elizabeth Wein story whom I had discovered shortly before, heh. It's NEVER TOO LATE to discover awesome authors and their work.

Agreed on the awesomeness of Sartorias and Andrea Höst both ^^

message 11: by Sherwood (new) - added it

Sherwood Smith Thanks for the kind words and the data, Turtles!

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