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Firestorm by David Klass
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Jan 11, 2009

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Read in January, 2007 , read count: 1

I'm on the fence about this one, really. I listened to the audio version, and I'm not sure if I'd have liked it better filtered entirely through my own mind, or not. The narrator warns us he's going to use a boat-load of sentence fragments, and he does. It took me until the third day of listening to get used to it and not be slightly irritated. The action is non-stop, and the secrets are not all revealed at once--and they're not always what you assume. But I'm also left wondering if Klass was deliberately being tongue-in-cheek at times, deliberately using cliched phrases, or not. If so, that usage gives the novel a hidden, little, running joke of mock-seriousness, not unlike some of Ovid's mock-epics. Klass also beats certain phrases a bit too hard, making sure we understand the part each character plays--but if that's part of the mock-epic, it's not as bad.
All in all, I liked the story fine, though I didn't know going in it was the first in a trilogy; that left me a bit frustrated with the ending at first. I also feel the pacing, narration, and general tone is very boy-oriented, as sexist as that may sound. I've read plenty of YA novels by men with male protagonists and never quite felt like the only girl in the room like I did with this one. And one of the reviews I read on B& indicates this is for ages 10+, but I refute that whole-heartedly because of some blatant sexuality.
I wouldn't recommend it to my friends, 'cause I know they wouldn't like it; I don't think it's quite as universal as that. But it's a good read for anyone interested in the plot.

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