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This Book Is Full of Spiders by David Wong
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Oct 20, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in October, 2012

I just feel like I have been punched in the gut and lost all my ability to form sentences about my feelings. I don't have the capacity to explain in words how awesome I thought this book was. I just feel sort of num in the wake of having finished it, like what do I do now? Start a new book? Or just reread this for the rest of my life until I die? No, no I will definitely start a new book eventually, I just have to get my stupid words together, okay.

Let's start with the plot. My sister told me someone had described this book as "a zombie apocalypse without the zombies" and that sound pretty accurate to me. Dave and John have to work (both together and separately (le gasp)) to stop a "zombie" outbreak from destroying the world. Sort of.

The plot is a lot more composed then it was in John Dies at the End. It is obvious that Wong had more time to actually plan this book and didn't just write randomly on it over a few years and post it to the internet. This has way more consistency and it is one story going through the entire novel instead of several different stories in one like Jdate has. I like it both ways but this had maybe a better flow and it was easier for the brain to wrap itself around the story maybe. Anyway I loved loved loved the plot oh my God it was so exciting all the time, never a dull moment. I was constantly wondering what would happen next. The way the "chapters" are named also brings a tension and excitement to the reading experience, they are all countdowns to different things, I think it was 3 countdowns total. So in a way you know what id going to happen but that just makes it more mysterious and you try to figure out ahead how it's going to happen and yeah it was just so exciting. Such a fun read.

I also really appreciated that you got to hear the story from several perspectives. You didn't only get to follow Dave as in Jdate, but also John and Amy (and at one point Molly, which was just utterly hilarious I was laughing through that entire chapter). Amy and John are my absolute favourite characters in this saga and it was really nice to get a more in depths look on them and how they think and feel and I have to say it made me fall in love with them even more. The few really human and emotional moments that John shows in Jdate came out so much more in this book and Amy was just fantastic and I felt I could identify with her more and more as the story progressed, and if you had any doubt about her courage from the first book they where definitely blown in this. The part about how she really hates to cry but still does it all the time really hit home for me. She is such a strong female character and I love her.

The language is as always with David Wong absolutely amazing. The humor is so excellent, even though we didn't get any chair jokes this time around it was still absolutely hilarious. I have to admit there are some jokes in Jdate that makes me cringe but in this one it feels like the humor is a bit more mature, but like without loosing the dick jokes. It manages that perfect balance. I laughed out loud numerous times. It feels like this is a book that I can recommend to people without fearing that if they read it they will think I am completely insane (which is sort of how it feels when recommending Jdate).

I might as well come clean right now with two things. Number 1 is something that have been hinted throughout the review and is a thing that I am scared of saying this soon after finishing it but I am getting more and more sure of as the minutes tick by so I am just going to come out and say it; I think This Book Is Full of Spiders is even better than John Dies at The End. There, I said it. And as for my second confession, I totally cried at the end.

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