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Midnight City by J. Barton Mitchell
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Oct 22, 2012

it was amazing
Read in October, 2012

MIDNIGHT CITY, the first Conquered Earth novel, is a fine beginning to a new SF series.

The Assembly descended on Earth eight years before, their huge ships landing in all the major cities. They destroyed a lot with their small ships, beams of power slicing up buildings. They also began sending out a telepathic pulse, called the Tone by humanity. It instantly took over adult minds and caused them to march toward the nearest Assembly ship and up into their holds, never to be seen again.

Immature minds weren't affected, but as they grew older, it began to affect them. Few lasted past twenty, their progress noted by the black tendrils spreading through their eyes. When they were solid black, they were taken.

Holt Hawkins is a bounty hunter, twenty himself. But he is one of the Heedless, those few that the Tone doesn't affect. He has his own problems, though, and hunts down bounties to pay his way out of trouble. He travels with his only friend, Max, a dog.

Mira Toombs is his current prey. She's a Freebooter, one who prowls the Strange Lands, that area near Midnight City where time and space affect things strangely. Antimatter clouds hang over much of it. She finds artifacts and has a talent for putting them together in various combinations to form a lot of more powerful artifacts(anti-gravity force, time freezing, force shields). Her bounty is high, under a death sentence in Midnight City.

Something strange happens right after Holt captures Mira. An Assembly ship, the normal blue-and-white, is shot down by a strange red one, crashing near them. When Holt goes exploring, he finds an eight year old girl strapped inside. She remembers nothing but her name, Zoey.

As the four wander across alien held North America, feelings change, unwilling for Holt, old memories long suppressed about family arising. it becomes obvious that Zoey has some sort of powers, she knows Holt's name without ever hearing it and is able to tell them when Assembly craft are near. It looks certain they are after, the reason for various factions fighting among themselves. A third group, with green-and-orange colors, join the fights.

This is a very promising new series and I look forward to more entries.

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