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Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Jan 10, 09

Put aside whatever you're reading now--yes, even those compelling vampire/romance books--and pick up this book. It's that good. Even though Goodwin is writing about Lincoln's cabinet, her work is eerily contemporary, given Obama's situation. Everyone but a handful of people thought Lincoln had risen too fast and was too untried to take charge of a desperate crises facing the country. Goodwin uses the main characters' diaries, letters, journals, and speeches to show how that opinion gradually changed. If Obama has half of Lincoln's greatness of heart, we are in good hands.
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Roger Lincoln had the good of the country at heart. Obama does not. He's only concerned with ideology.

message 2: by Carla (new) - added it

Carla Obama is no Lincoln.

Nancy I disagree with the above comments. I believe President Obama does have many of the same qualities as Lincoln, and I am hopeful therefore. I saw the same elements in tis book described by this reviewer.

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Carla Why do we need to compare Obama and Lincoln? Different times altogether and two different people. I am thoroughly enjoying Team of Rivals and have not felt the need to compare these two men. I do see how the political struggles that we real in the time of Lincoln are timeless struggles.

Mary Katharine I think history will show that President Obama is one of the greatest of the American presidents.

Nancy Mary wrote: "I think history will show that President Obama is one of the greatest of the American presidents."

I agree with you, Mary.

Roger You're all drinking the kool aid. He is by far the worst president of my lifetime and that includes Jimmy Carter and LBJ.

Nathan Huff I completely disagree with Obama being one of the worst presidents. Granted, you did say of your lifetime, but still. However, I don't think he'll go down as one of the best. I think he's good though. It will be interesting to see how time measures him. I can definitely see where there can be some comparisons drawn between Obama's presidency and Lincoln's. I feel they are very clear. On a little bit of a tangent, I'm loving the book!

VENKATRAMAN C K I am from India so cannot comment on American Presidents. But , in my opinion, Abe Lincoln is much more than a nere President...He is one of the foremost humans to walk on earth. He was on a higher plane than us that is why he could transcend the petty human fralities of Material staus Power and money. Truly, he was driven by a higher goal like Buddha.. to render everlasting service to fellow humans. He achieved it .

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