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Aug 24, 15

it was ok
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Read in January, 2009

Ok, some confessions first before I get to the questions.

I loved the book – in that sometimes I love completely mindless books. I mostly have very little work to do at work, and so this was a very good book to be reading till the clock reads 17:30
People at work might have been a lil concerned with the “chuckles” and jackass grins I had on my face when I was reading this. That’s because completely mindless stuff does this to me often.
Once in a while, its good to read completely mindless stuff – which is why I’ve read four novels of Carl Hiaasen so far and also why I’ve now read the entire Twilight Saga. Again, don’t judge me.
Bella is annoying, clumsy and in damsel-in-distress mode in the whole book. He’s hot and that’s why she loves him. But thinks she is unworthy of his love seeing as he is so gorgeous. Edward has no sane personality, (unless you count sparkling), cant make up his mind He is however borderline abusive, controlling, and I think a lil nuts. He eavesdrops on her, stalk her at nights, and have issues with her ‘human’ friends. CREEPY. The only reason we’re given for him being in love with Bella is that he cant read her and her blood smells sweet – How can this be what all those crazy women out there are screaming about
I’m gonna need to have a long conversation with by Boyfriend is this is how love is actually supposed to be. Spineless women and stalky boyfriend who find each other hot !!!
I’m also sure all the real vampires are cringing out there.
Figured I’d read the book and then watch the movie and then also thought maybe the movie will ruin it for me… Oh boy was I wrong. I had tears in my eyes while watching it. They paid people to act like that? My Goldfish could have acted better.


- Why would anyone want to repeat High School over and over and over again voluntarily?
- So what does this book have going for it? Almost No plot until 3/4th of the book is over, no depth to the characters, not the best of writing, Obsessive main couple. Ooh, but it does have Sparkly Vampires and Stupid Women (Except Alice, Her I like)
- Why when you search for Twilight on google, is there a separate google search for Edward Cullen who is ONLY A CHARACTER? Why?
- Why so many references to Edwards beauty. Isn't that weird to talk that way about a guy.
- Anyone else who still couldn’t picture him?
- Is it normal for teenage girls to like marble lips and marble/stone/cold things?
- Am I the only one who is a bit disgusted with the constant references to the sweet smell of his (Edward’s) breath
I smelled his cool breath in my face. Sweet, delicious, the scent made my mouth water. EWWWW
- Where can I find a guy who talks about emotions and all the other sentimental stuff so much? No wait, I take that back. Don’t want.
- Yes, he’s in a body of a 17 yr old. But he’s been there for a 100 years. Wouldn’t he have some maturity?
- Is it ok to be ok with the fact that a guy secretly watched you when you sleep?
- The perfect ending to a Vampire Story – Attending the Prom. Not even 2 lines on how James was taken care of, but Attending The Prom?!!
- Vampire Baseball? Vegetarian Vampires?

Moral of the story for me:
- I need to find more work to do. I cannot keep reading books like these to while away the time.
- No, I take that back. I need to get back to reading GOOD books that classify as Literature
- Always follow the Golden Rule: If there’s hype and people are fawning over it – IT HAS TO BE CRAP
- No, I have not lost my mind and it is completely ok to slap people when they use the word Dazzle, chuckle, gasp, and sparkle.
- Umm.. Holy Crow !!!

OK. Fine. Despite all of what I wrote above, I probably may still read this again. Its one of those things that don’t make sense. Guilty pleasure is what someone called it, I think. Yes, it is a stupid book, but that never stopped anyone before.
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