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Savage Hunger by Terry Spear
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's review
Oct 01, 2012

really liked it
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Read in October, 2012

Alyn's review posted on Guilty Pleasures

I have always been fascinated by authors that manage blend the characteristics of man and animal so well that it makes you wonder if it could be true. Terry Spear is one such author. She creates beautifully depicted shifters that are graceful as both cats and humans, without losing the distinctive traits of either half.

Connor Anderson and his sister Maya are on their annual vacation in the Amazon to let their wild side run free. As Jaguar shifters, they need to revisit the wild as nature intended in order to find the mates they both long for. With shifters being so rare to begin with, both siblings find it difficult to fulfill their needs but continue to battle the odds in search of their fate. For Connor, that fate was about meet him face to face and her name was Captain Kathleen McKnight.

Captain McKnight was in over her head. A decoy for a covert operation, she knew Gonzalez was a major target but did not realize he was on to her until it was too late. Wounded and left for dead, she heard a big cat and terrified voices and expected the worst. What she had not expected, was the shirtless savior who came to her rescue. Connor Anderson, that was the name he gave her before he disappeared into the jungle. Unable to get him out of her head, Kat returns to the jungle after recovering from her injuries a year later. She is in search of the man who kept company with jaguars. Not sure what to expect, she finds herself in another predicament and hopes that her savior will reappear to rescue her once again.

Connor could not believe it was her. After searching and hoping he would find her again, Captain McKnight had returned to the very jungle where he had first met her. Returning to her aid after finding her injured and dehydrated, he takes her to the hidden home that he and his sister Maya occupy when in the Amazon. Realizing that he may not want to let her go this time, Connor is not sure what he should do. Kat doesn’t know that they are shifters, and the fact that she is not a shifter would make it difficult for him to be with her. Trying to make up his mind, Connor is forced to make a quick decision when his sister acts on her own accord and forces his hand. Unfortunately, Connor is not the only one that wants Kat all to himself. Can Kat survive the jungle and the wild that lies within?

What a fun story this was. Sexy shifters in the steamy jungle having sweet interludes in the shower and under waterfalls. The combination of covert army operations, drug lord chases, and shifters on the run makes for a very adventurous read. The complexity of Kat’s recovery from both PTSD, physical injuries and a broken heart, adds to the depth of the story and her character as a whole. Add to that, Connor’s abandonment issues and his need to protect, and you have a recipe for a relationship that will speed up your heart rate and keep it pumping to the very end. The mystery of who is on the chase, makes for an intriguing story line and leaves some great insight into what appears to be a promising sequal.

While it slowed down a bit on occasion, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the sequal. Savage Hunger will leave you daydreaming about stalking through the jungle in search of a sexy shifter to sweep you off your feet.

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