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Oct 15, 12

Read from September 30 to October 01, 2012

Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

*Possible series spoilers, beware*

The score is currently good – 2, evil – 1 and it’s the first side to reach 4 that wins. The scores are souls, one person in each book will reach his or her crossroads and the decision they make will count for either the good or the bad side; heaven and hell. Jim Heron is in the middle. An angel with both good and evil in him, he’s been fighting the fight for the good guys and intends to keep it that way, but a murdered young girl is pulling his attention away at the worst times and in this case, his attention is split between Sissy, the murdered girl whose soul is being held in hell and Matthias, the soul at stake.

Matthias is back from the dead. We were introduced to him earlier in the series and he was evil through and through. He died and his soul has been in hell, knowing a torment like no other. Now he’s been given a second chance. He has no memory of his past and with the help of a reporter, Mels, he tries to piece together who he is and what his connection to Jim is. Matthias is scarred, has no sight in one eye, he’s impotent, has aches and pains and is a shell of the man he once was. First off, I’m a sucker for a scarred man with amnesia. I can’t help it, I fall for it every time and I couldn’t wait to see him and Mels start to fall in love despite all the other stuff going on in their lives. Mels is struggling with her own life, still dealing with the losing her father, a man she loved dearly three years ago and she’s never let herself grieve. She moved back home to take care of her mom, who was doing just fine on her own. But Mel was stuck. She resented moving back home, not chasing her dream of being a reporter in a big city and took it out on her mom who was grieving as well. I loved this storyline for mom and daughter. I thought it was touching, emotional and it really helped Mels grow and be able to find some peace that let her move on.

The romance between Mels and Matthias was more sweet than sexy. There are a few harder sex scenes in the book courtesy of Adrian and a nameless female and Jim and the woman everyone loves to hate (including me) Devina. I’m used to more intense, sexier lead couples when it comes to a Ward book, but I wanted Matthias to find love, in any form and with his physical struggles, I was satisfied with how their romance played out.

Adrian plays an unusual role in Matthias’s life that impacts his relationship with Mels. This poor guy – he’s still reeling from Eddie’s death, he’s not coping and in a real wake up call, he realizes that it’s not just the one soul they’re helping that needs to make the right choice. He needs to as well and he makes an unselfish decision that for now, is a game changer for him. I’m proud of him for that moment, but like Adrian, I miss Eddie too and if there’s one thing that’s certain with this series, it’s that nothing is certain. He’ll be back, it’s just a matter of how, when and why.

As with every book, Matthias’s decision at his crossroads moment will determine who wins this round. Things get a little muddied when Matthias’s memories start to come back in pieces. The key is having Mels in his life and having something real that he can hold on to. It’s just a matter of him making the right choice during that moment of truth and if it’ll be enough to save his soul a second time. Oddly enough, Devina doesn’t play an obvious role in swaying Matthias, as she’s done in the past with other souls. I can’t stand how she’s allowed to break the “rules” but Jim isn’t. I think that leveled out somewhat in this book but it still bothers me how the rules for her and the game in general tend to bend and sway to fit whatever the current situation.

Jim, while he spends a lot of time helping Matthias, still deals with his obsession over Sissy and Devina plays him like crazy. Another game changer comes at the end, this time courtesy of Jim and it’ll impact not only him, but the series as well. I admit, I’m still confused about Jim and Sissy. She died at nineteen and Jim’s much older than she is, but the feelings he has for her, calling her “his girl”…it’s odd right now. I’m not sure what Ward has planned for these two, but I’ll trust her to make it work and have it make sense.

This book isn’t as intense as the previous stories, it’s not as down and dirty sexy, but I still found myself flipping through the pages quickly as the story unfolded. There wasn’t a huge, knock my socks off moment in Rapture, but there are a few small things that happen (Adrian’s sacrifice, Jim’s parting statement to Devina) that will impact things moving forward. But for Rapture, I enjoyed seeing this scarred, broken hero get a second chance with Mels, who finally started to live again.
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5.0% "Question: How old is Matthias? I think I'm remembering him being a lot older than he really is...not sure why." 3 comments

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message 1: by Dorsey aka Wrath Lover & KA Addict (last edited Oct 01, 2012 08:17PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dorsey aka Wrath Lover & KA Addict Did you find out Matthias age?....looking forward to your review Jess!!

Jess Dorsey wrote: "Did you find out Matthias age?....looking forward to your review Jess!!"

No! He made some mention about being nowhere near 55 years old, but that was it. I'm going assume he's in his 40s until I can do some more research in Crave. It's bugging me!

message 3: by Dorsey aka Wrath Lover & KA Addict (last edited Oct 01, 2012 08:55PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dorsey aka Wrath Lover & KA Addict See!! I totally thought mid fifties...and for him to mention that, very weird. Wonder if she changed his age for the story because you thought the same. Keep me posted, it's bugging me too LOL.

Jess Dorsey wrote: "See!! I totally thought mid fifties...and for him to mention that, very weird. Wonder if she changed his age for the story because you thought the same. Keep me posted, it's bugging me too LOL."

Found it! He's 40. (pg 95 of Crave). And the series has only spanned a couple weeks in time, I believe from book 1 to book 4.

Dorsey aka Wrath Lover & KA Addict Thanks!! I am finally reading this (95% done). I never rec'd notification on your last reply GAH.....gotta love GR's quirks ;)

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