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Necromancing the Stone by Lish McBride
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Sep 29, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: supernatural, did-not-finish
Read from September 29 to October 05, 2012

I really enjoyed Hold Me Closer, but this just wasn't the same. The first few chapters clumsily reintroduce characters and rehash what happened in the first book. I didn't find Sam to be as amusing as I did the first time around. Everything just seemed so cliche, including his jokes and observations.

Speaking of cliche, I wasn't impressed by the female characters. They don't really seem like actual people and some were just figures whose sole purpose seemed to be reacting to and being defined by the men/boys around them. Sam is crazy about Brid but I'd like the author so SHOW me why instead of have Sam constantly tell me that he thinks she's awesome. What's so interesting about her? Brid is super-tough. She's an alpha surrounded by werewolves who want to hump her. Okay. That could be something. But, instead of exploring her as a character, we spend far more time with her brothers and father all posturing and making comments and vague (albeit usually good-natured) threats about Sam's relationship with their baby girl/sister. I think if she's adult enough to go to college, take on the responsibility of fighting evil and leading a pack, then maybe her sex life could be a little less relevant to them. I don't find male family members trying to protect their female family members from sex to be amusing. It's gross. Mind your own business.

And there's Brooke. Sam points out that she grew up in a house of all brothers so she's used to bullying guys around. What's that even mean? A girl has to have life-long practice in the art of having an opinion and voice in the presence of dudes? Also, I couldn't help but notice her "bullying" involved kissing everyone on the cheek. Yes. She's quite assertive, that one.

And why are there so many characters?! The book should have a chart in it so I can keep track of everyone. Or not, I guess. Really, there was no need because I couldn't finish it. Once I saw that it was going to be another evil Douglas vs. Sam & The Gang, I really couldn't be bothered. I know it's a book about necromancy, but don't bring back the villain from the dead. Make a new villain. Start a new adventure! Further the story!

If it got better, then good for it. However, what I read held no promise. Did not finish.

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message 1: by Brigid (new) - added it

Brigid Keely So this isn't worth reading at all? I thought the first one was ok enough. The second one has really bad second-book-syndrome?

Katie It could be worth a try. It looks like other readers have enjoyed it. I just didn't feel any of the humor and charm I got from the first one.

message 3: by Brigid (new) - added it

Brigid Keely Well, my library system doesn't have this book.

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