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Darkness to Light by Rue Volley
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Oct 17, 2013

it was amazing
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Read on September 29, 2012

I was giving the opportunity to read this before it was published.. Thanks Rue.. OMFG!
I just purchased all 10 of my Favorite #rueserotics

I Love Every Single One of These Stories -A Solid 10 out of 5 Hearts

One Bite:
I was given the privilege to read this short story by Rue Volley. I have since bought one to support the hard work of the author. Nobody does erotica like Rue, she has her own brand of making you want more. I say Bring it On Rue!

Wow! What a thrilling, dynamic, steamy read! Rue Volley manages to sweep me off my feet into a world of old vampires, hot steamy sex, determined detectives, and fetishes. With a cliffhanging ending that has me wanting more.
Kaylen and Sebastian will take you on a journey from New York to Romania on an investigation into mysterious deaths. With unexpected mysteriously suspenseful twists and turns, tasteful sex scenes, and a storyline that will leave you wanting more. I love it!
I would recommend this short to all the steamy, vampire readers out there.
NOT a YA Read!

Two Bites:
I was given the opportunity to read this installment before it was published. I still bought a copy in support of the author.

WOW! Two powerhouses of vampiric pleasure embark on a journey to seek revenge for Kaylen's mother's death. It picks up right where One Bite leaves off! Full of mystery, suspense, lust, revenge, anger, betrayal and Vampires, not to mention Tasteful Steamy Sex. The twists and turns are perfectly placed to paint an awesome picture of sexual gratification, only to awaken a fire within one's imagination. I could not put it down! So looking forward to installment #3

Not a YA READ!! 18+ Only due to its graphic content!

Three Bites Four:
Warning! This is an 18+ Read ONLY!

OMG!! Rue Volley has done it again! I was so excited that the final installment was released, I had to have it. Man oh Man what a finale! First off Rue's writing is amazing, descriptive, and oh so HAWT, when she writes erotica, all I can say is, "Can you spell, ICE WATER?"

Three Bites Four continues Kaylen's journey to revenge her Mother's death. Enter a world of intriguing twists and turns, anger, betrayal, lust, mystery, suspense, and vampiric horror, along with her signature passionate, oh-so-hot sexual scenes make this short story series HAWT DAYUM!!

I was always wondering in the back of my mind if Kaylen would ever find the one responsible for her Mother's death? I Loved this whole series.... Self-Discovery is a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing your stories with us RUE!!

Warning this an 18+ Read Only and it is Smokin' Hot!

I was given an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. OMG Rue Volley knocks it out of the ballpark with this HAWT DAYUM STEAMY read. They say a picture speaks 1000 words, hell just looking at the cover says volumes about what lies within.

First off, I have to say that the first line is by far THE BEST FIRST LINE THAT I HAVE READ EVER! I will not quote it, you will have to check it out for yourselves. I do not like spoilers nor do I use them.

The world building is consistent from start to finish, filled with explicit sex scenes, mystery, suspense, anger, tragedy, and ghosts! The twists and turns mixed with the well placed wit of the author makes this an intriguing, yet entertaining read. Go get ya some!

The characters are amazing, Chloe, Brooklyn, Taylor, Petre, and Brad. Very believable indeed. The journey they embark upon is scary as hell when it comes down it.

Wolves and Witches:
I was given the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. OMG! Rue never ceases to amaze me with her stories... This bad boy left me with my mouth agape.. Love It.

The world building is suspenseful, mysterious, and somewhat horrific as well as being a steamy one with tasteful sexually explict scenes. The twisting and turning of events kept me at the edge of my seat. Filled with action, lust, hot steamy sex, magic, and then some.

The characters are unique in that they are played as a story within the story. Misha/David and Michelle/Emerson are awesome. I don't want to go into specifics because spoilers can and will ruin a book for some people. Let's just say that not all is what it appears to be.

My recommendation is to pick up a copy today only if you are 18+ as this NOT A YA READ!

Hunter's Blood:
I was given the opportunity to read this Wicked installment before it was published.. But I did buy the Published Version as well.. I do buy them when I can. Authors pour themselves (heart, mind, soul, tears, body) into their work, it is the right thing to do for them.. With that being said, on with the review.

Whoa! This read is not for the meek and mild.... Vanessa, a tortured, highly sexual creature, she wasn't always this way. Hunter is a very attractive, boy who takes more than her virtue. It is how she deals with the after-effects, that speaks to me.. Self-medicating to avoid the inevitable blood lust she feels, and the heightened sex drive, leaves a bitter taste in her mouth.. Can she survive the gift she has received and not topple over to the darker side? Can not wait for next installment...

Snakes and Sinners:
OMG Fang~freaky~tastic! I just literally finished this second installment to Hunter's Blood. What an intriguing, spell-binding read it is at that. Definitely intended to be an 18+ read.

This installment had me so completely enthralled, you could have whipped me with a stick and I would have noticed or felt it. LOL The twists and turns were so unexpected, I did not see them coming until I was there. Explicit sex scenes are Hawt Dayum and very graphic. Rue Volley has a knack for writing that just blows my mind even more with each new story I read, becoming a legend in her own time.

This short story is not intended for everyone as it gets to the nitty-gritty on so many levels, I absolutely am amazed by how she just lays it out so picturesque.

Catch and Release:
I was so fortunate to be able to read this before it was released, however, in support of Indy Authors, I also bought a copy. OMG! What a magnificent installment. Rue just blows my mind with her writing. I Loved it!

Hunter and Vanessa are such an amazing couple, I love the playful, yet sarcastic, banter between them. Warning this is a very graphic read that will make your e-reader smoke with it's explicit sex scenes, dark and twisting turns, and an ending that will make your jaw drop. I read it twice, cause I didn't want it to end.

If you have not experienced any of the Hunter's Blood installments, you are truly missing some awesomeness.

Beautiful Breakdown:
OMG What a Twisted Finish to an outstanding erotic short story series....Rue Volley does it again....

Vanessa is going through some tormenting issues as she deals with life without Hunter, her memory is not as balanced as it should be making for some very interesting and HAWT SEX scenes , full of twisted turns that I did not see coming. The ending absolutely blew me away..

.. I love the one-sided banter taking place with Vanessa. This is an 18+ only Read.

Darkness to Light:
I was giving the opportunity to read this before it was published.. Thanks Rue.. OMFG!
What a world full of mystery and sex, sex, sex. We find Vanessa in an asylum struggling to remember her past, through various twists and turns that blew me out of the water. I am so excited for the Novel to come out to get more of this Vampiric Masterpiece.

Rue Volley is one of my favorite authors...Go Indie!

10 out of 5 Hearts
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