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I could easily write a cop-out, only-read-Playboy-for-the-stories type of review here. Lot of very interesting philosophical insights, perhaps a bit too much sex, that kind of thing. Fellow GoodReaders, I cannot lie to you. Nothing could in fact be further from the truth. I wolfed down the first two-thirds of this book, which consist of one juicy sex scene after another. Then she met dull, creepy, manipulative Mario, and we got started on the philosophy. I felt my eyes closing. I tried several times to read further, but I just couldn't do it.

I was assailed by horrible pangs of guilt. Ms. Arsan is clearly not stupid (she originally wanted to be an astronomer - I did too!), and she writes quite well. She just happens to be much better at writing about sex than philosophy. But she seemed to have put a lot of work into the philosophy, and it was terrible that I didn't even read that part of the book. I almost thought I'd somehow taken advantage of her.

Well, Emmanuelle, everyone has things they're good at and things they just wish they were good at. I understand that Bertrand Russell's Principia Sexualis was a complete flop, and that he humiliated himself further by unsuccessfully trying to sell the movie rights. He only started to recover a little when they gave him the Nobel Prize. It's possible that that story isn't literally true in every detail, but I really and truly don't want you to feel bad about this unfortunate episode. It's my fault, not yours.
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Brad Heh heh heh! Nice. You crack me up, Manny.

Manny Thank you Brad! It really was a much stranger book than I'd imagined...

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Heidin-Seek I could settle for a life that was two-thirds sex and one-third philosophy.

Manny It's true, both Emmanuelle Arsan and Bertrand Russell had a general air of being fairly pleased with the way things had worked out...

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