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A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks
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Jan 08, 2009

"A Bend in the Road" is a love story written by a man, and my last few brushes with male authors in this genre led me to believe that they have something good going here.[return][return]The plot goes down easy - it is predictable and accessible. Miles lost his wife and high school sweetheart Missy to a hit and run accident. The driver is still at large. Miles is left to raise their son Jonah alone.[return][return]Two years later, the deputy sheriff of a small town is called into a meeting with Sarah Andrews, Jonah's new second grade teacher. Apparently, Jonah's past teachers have not pushed him in is education after his mother died. Miles agreed to let Jonah take extra classes with Sarah.[return][return]Sparks fly between the teacher and deputy sheriff, with Miles being charmingly uncertain on how to make his move.[return][return]Sarah is not without her own sob story. She was happily married to an ambitious man, who abruptly withdrew his love and affection as soon as he discovered that Sarah was unable to give him children.[return][return]Miles and Sarah's newfound happiness seems settled, especially when Jonah approves, but there is still this little matter of Missy's killer that haunts Miles.[return][return]Certain chapters were written from the POV of the hit and run driver, the true story unfolding as the Miles chases a lead that may destroy what he has with Sarah, not too long after they decided they are serious about their relationship. Miles does something uncharacteristic, which leads him to getting suspended.[return][return]But when we learn the real story, we are made to wonder if Miles and Sarah's love is strong enough to survive it.[return][return]I said this story is predictable, so guess away.[return][return]This is my first Sparks novel and according to reviews on Amazon, it's not his best. However, I am impressed enough consider picking up his other books, most of which have been made into movies or for TV. [return][return](2006)
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