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Anonymity by Margie Gosa Shivers
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Jan 07, 2009

really liked it
Read in May, 2005

Dastardly Things

Chicago represented a new beginning. Mario appeared to be different. He preferred tennis, his friends, and nasty habits to that of his wife. Did he notice that the sizzle in the boudoir was now a chill? Cara was desperately trying to rekindle what the college sweethearts once shared.

Cara has been unfaithful! Or so Mario had been told. With wild turkey fueling his suspicions he was not only doubting the wonderful love he's been fortunate enough to take pleasure in. Mario was actually dissecting the fruits of their labor.

`I got this feeling, and I just can't turn it a loose
That somebody's been getting next to you
don't want to walk around knowing I was your fool
cause being the man that I am I just can't loose my cool'

Cara Fleming, a doting wife couldn't understand why, let alone how someone would defame her in such a disgusting manner! And to think, her husband wouldn't expose her to what was being said about her! Cara wasn't sure which part was worse; being framed, or that Mario doubts?

When the heart wants, what the heart wants then nothing or no one is safe! Secrets will be revealed, tears will be shed, and lives will be lost. Will these obstacles in Anonymity be too much for the Flemings to bear?

Someone please call 9-1-1!

With everything said and done, it seems that something might have been over looked. What you do in the dark shall soon come to light. Who will be reaching for the light switch?


Personally, I found Anonymity translucent, and overly dramatized. The main character Cara at age 28, although she was a southern girl, she just appears old in manner. Then the fact that the supporting characters were all so traumatized that she lived on her own, supported herself only made me further question the era. It's hard for me to affiliate suspenseful with this when the flow of the story is consistently redundant.

Even with all of that said, Margie obviously a devout South Sider truly represented. Known for it's politics, museums, sky rise buildings, and trendy restaurants Chicago is a very beautiful city. She got an entire star for representing "MY KIND OF TOWN!"

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