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The Art of Detection by Laurie R. King
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THE ART OF DETECTION (Pol. Proc.-Kate Martinelli-San Francisco-Cont) – G+
King, Laurie R. – 5th in series
Bantam, 2006, US Hardcover – ISBN: 055380537
First Sentence: Kate Martinelli had been in any number of weird places during her years as a cop.
*** San Francisco homicide investigator Kate Martinelli is called to the Marin Headlands where the body of man, dressed in his pajamas, robe and bare feet has been found in an old WWII gun battery. Things become stranger still when they go to the victim’s house, the first two floors of which are gas light and a recreation of Sherlock Holmes’ 221B Baker Street.
*** Not being a fan of King’s Mary Russell books, I am delighted to have a new Kate Martinelli. I could have done without the “short story” in the middle, but otherwise this was a really good mystery where the clues where dropped along the way through the story and with a climatic scene I didn’t see coming but should have. King creates an excellent sense of place; I particularly loved the description of the victim’s house. I’m also a big fan of Martinelli’s partner, Al Hawkins. I enjoyed this book and look for more Kate in the future.

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