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Rebel Heart by Moira Young
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Sep 26, 12

This book annoyed me. First of all, Lugh was a total douche. I find it difficult to feel sympathy for him when we don't know why he's such a freakin' angry guy; he just seems to be a jealous mess. Saba was disappointing, I can't remember how to put spoilers here so I'll just say her actions in the second half of the book were stupid. She's also way too stubborn, I mean, theres a limit you know. A good leader should know when to follow, right? She's way too driven by the 'red hot' or whatever.

People died who did not have to die. What's the deal with Tommo? I was hoping he'd be falling over Emmi. Jack's actions didn't, in my opinion, fit the character we met in the first book.

This is mostly a moan session, maybe I'm getting really bored of dystopian/futurey books. I was never a fan of the love triangle and Moira Young has not bought me to the pointy side. I LOVE JACK OKAY. GOSH. LEAVE IT OUT.

Also, I'd really like some more background on the world please. I mean, how did it turn into a place where reading didn't exist and people looked at the stars to tell them about the future? Or maybe the world is already like that in some places, what do I know?

Lemme add some good points, yes? Emmi's cool as always, ermmm Nero was pissing me off in this book actually, woops sorry good points, erm Tracker's cool.

Bad points: what the hell is the 'darkness'? I can't seem to determine whether it's a metaphor or literally some kind of dark voodoo that's coming for Saba. Lugh. Tommo. Saba.

This is such a jumbled mess of a review. Overall, I'm not sure whether I'm disappointed with the book or if my own preferences have changed and I'm finally getting over the dystopian hump.


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