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The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope
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Dec 31, 2013

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy, historical-fiction, 2010, favorites
Recommended for: Fans of Tudor England and fairy lore
Read from March 18 to 21, 2010

Gosh, I had forgotten so much since I first read this. I read it a couple of years back and every time I thought of the book I had fond memories, but why exactly it had that effect was slipping from my memory.

Honestly I read this book because it was labeled fantasy and at the time that was all I would read and it was one of the only books in the library I hadn't read (it was a very small library). The cover wasn't glittery or a standout in anyway, but I dived in regardless of the cover. This book is one those "hidden gems", not too many people know about it but those who do love this story.

Kate is a lady in waiting for Lady Elizabeth, but because of a certain questionable letter that her sister Alicia sends to Queen Mary, she is sent away to live at the Perilous Gard. There are many tales regarding this place, but Kate being the level headed girl she is doesn't put much thought to the wild tales. That is of course until she gets there and sees that maybe all the fairy talk about the place might have some merit. While she is there she meets Christopher Heron and she finds out fairly quickly that his carrying a huge burden on his shoulders and yup you guessed it, it all has to do with the fairies. Both Kate and Christopher find themselves immersed in this world that is not as magical as everyone assumes.

Of course the true standout thing from all this for me was the dynamic between Kate and Christopher. I have never seen a relationship quite like theirs. It's just so.... perfect because there isn't a single drop of over the topness in sight. Kate herself is a strong character and never backs down even when it seems there is no hope. She can appreciate attributes that the fairy people have, but never condones them for their behavior. Something very hard for any noraml human being to do. I absolutely loved the climatic scene. It was done just the right way. Really no complaints at all, even if at the end I wanted more. *sigh* The life of the reader huh? Always feeling a little robbed but somehow always going back for more.

Really all that aside do pick up the book. Any fans of this type of literature are guaranteed to fall in extreme like for the story of Kate and her journey.
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