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Broken Harbor by Tana French
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Sep 25, 12

Read in September, 2012

Wow. Just wow...there's so little else to say without spoilers, and I hate to post spoilers even if they are hidden. I think I still would rank The Likeness as my favorite Tana French book, maybe just because there was a female protagonist (though the whole shifting identity thing was just fascinating), but this book is right up there with it. I enjoyed her last one too, but this one just about devastated me. We get to know and care about so many characters, when we know this can't end well for a few of them. To me, French's books are what mystery novels should be. I can't deal with a lot of contemporary mysteries, where things are thrown in just to get action scenes going...car chases, shoot outs, ridiculous coincidences that wrap up all the loose ends. Everything in this book seemed so well explained that I didn't feel like any of it was coming out of nowhere, even if it took an unexpected turn. And some things were left unexplained, which is also okay, because I don't buy neat and tidy endings. Though admittedly, I did want to know what Conor and Richie were doing in the end of the book, what becomes of Jenny, and what Scorcher was going to do next, especially in dealing with his sister. So I hope she touches on that in her next book, though there's rarely an overlap in that direction, based on her previous books. I'm so sad for a bunch of these characters, I have to wrap this review up now and go read something a bit happier. But I think this one is going to stick with me for a while. I'm probably going to have to go buy a copy for myself, once I return this one to the library.

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