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Abandon by Elana Johnson
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Sep 24, 2012

it was ok
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Read from September 19 to 29, 2013

I definitely liked the second book in this series the best. The first book I found confusing, the second book gripping, and this last book I just felt lukewarm about.

I think I'm not a huge fan of the 'final battle' type books. Where we must face off against the forces of evil and win this great big huge showdown. It always just feels so disappointing, because I expect my victors to be more clever, more well planned out, better informed, instead of just winging it and hapening to succeed.

Problem one: how can a 16 year old boy be the leader of a resistance movement? Seriously he goes and convinces all of these directors, whom I am assuming are adults, to do his bidding. I mean at 16 most adults are like, ha, you don't know what you want, why should I listen to you? I'm older and wiser. This is just what you typically have to put up with at 16. But on top of that he had been doing this for years now. It just didn't feel right. Especially since you have adults in your resistance. Why are they not in charge?

Problem two: Information management. It seamed to me that if you where the resistance, why where you not more on top of your information. It's like they where always one step behind. ALL THE TIME!! Why would they ever have there frequency be able to be traced, and that be why the final showdown has to happen as soon as it does. They should have been more on that. That should never have been an issue. Instead they are cocky, and get caught and have to react vs. act. And based on the intel they do have, it's like they are always coming to the party unprepared. It's like they think because they have talents they are invincible. So does the other side, so start thinking about advantages outside your narrow framed box, and waiting for miracle girl who you love to step up and save you all.

Problem Three: Free Vs. Functioning. There really wasn't a valid argument for Free. Sure being brainwashed and told how to live, not all that awesome. I like free choice a lot. But the examples of free that we are shown right away from Zenn's perspective, aren't good examples. So at the end of the novel when he finally chooses a side, it's not because he has the example of how a free society can still function and it's about matching people up with there talents and such, not it's because it's the right thing to do. End of logic. I really feel like as the side fighting for how they want things to be different they should have thought out this plan for how they where going to enact it first, and still have a functioning society. Like this one colony comes up with the plan, and it's all like huzzah, why didn't we think of that. And I'm like your are the leader of the resistance Jag and you don't have that argument already under your belt. Why are you in charge??

Problem four: Vastly outnumbered! With the clones they are vastly outnumbered. Even the resistance party sounds small. We are down to 20 people. 20 people who all have talents, yes, but still that's only 20 people. They have an army of clones who are immune to your talents. Except for this one girl, who can't even take over a whole army, but one guy at a time. Why is this guy not just being tazed to death by the other people around him and then she has to find a new body. Instead whatever body she takes over is like invincible. Stupidest solution ever. Also why didn't they have better management over there talented people. It just felt like it could have been more like, in this scenario, we do this. It took an adult at the end of the novel to step up and do Jags job for him and organize all the parties by talents and send them out. Why is jag in charge? (sorry that is a rant that will come up a lot).

Problem five: Unnecessary deaths for the sake of plot. There is absolutely no reason for Zenn to die. Really that final battle made the least amount of sense possible.

Problem six: If the first book was meant to be a standalone book and it just confused the hell out of me, then the rest of the series has felt like an apology for the first book, re-writing what actually happened in that book, by providing alternative POVs.

Problem seven: Couples. I like me a good love story, don't get me wrong. But it felt like everyone in this book had to be paired up with someone. EVERYONE. Zenn no longer gets to have Vi, so there is another girl who is totally clambering to get in his pants, and he falls for her eventually. Yup. Everyone has a pair. Huzzah!!

Problem eight: Everyone gets a super power, and then some. Yup, so people all have these talents, and after the first book your all like wow. So voice power is super powerful and the most awesomest, yeah? Tech power also pretty new and different and unique. But in this last one, it's all like, lets just give people more powers, and make them even more useful, because you know we can. So there powers start manifesting in new and different ways. And what is with Vi's hand lighting on fire. No one wanted to get back to that and say what's up?

Problem Nine: Hover boards. Seriously, why would you take these things in my mind that equate a surf board but for the wing and use them as your primary mode of transportation from city to city. Like that has to suck big time. Why don't you use more ships and stuff? So much more comfortable and you pack more supplies. If it's so you are less noticeable and more stealth, then I get that for parties of 2. But a group of like 50 of you or more, yup, stupid!!!!

Problem ten: Why is jag in charge? Sorry I don't really have a problem ten. I just like an even list. But still that point keeps getting to me. Also just for the sake of it, lets just argue why are Jag and Vi together, and how do they get to sleep with each other, but not have sex, and how do her parents get to be around and not actually get all parenty about them being together and dorms and stuff. It's like a bunch of teens playing house, that don't have all the answers but have crazy talents who happen to win this big war because morally we know it's right but they do a piss poor job of arguing it throughout the novel.

Alright I think that's the end of my ranting.

Really, I want to like this book, I really do. But I have been in such a slump reading lately and I made myself finish this, and unfortunately all I can see are it's flaws. The writing was fast paced and the rotating POV chapters where easy to get through. So huzzah to that.

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message 1: by Nina (new) - rated it 1 star

Nina First, I agree with just about everything in your review. The thing about Jag being in charge can only make sense if he uses his voice-persuasion powers on them and then what does that say for free will - isn't that what he was supossedly fighting for? All in all that whole resistance business seemed to be just a backdrop for the love-triangle at times - at least to me. And as I wrote in my review of 'Possession', it's hard to be supportive of any combination. Both Zenn and Jag are manipulating Vi. In the end I leaned more to Zenn because while his actions were wrong, he knew that and appeared quite uncomfortable with it, meanwhile his main goal was to keep Vi safe. That's more than I thought could be said for Jag who to me was a selfish, arrogant brat throughout the whole series. Personally I wasn't all that fond of Surrender either but I agree with you that - while I perceived it as sort of a re-telling of Possession - it was better organised and the characters had the potential to be nicer and more easily accessible.
And yeah, never understood that whole hooverboard thing either.

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