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Gold Digger by Aleksandr Voinov
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Sep 24, 2012

really liked it
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Read on September 24, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

3.5 stars
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Reading Progress

09/24/2012 page 38
21.0% ""...I'm not gay..." - Rofl! Doesn't *that* sound familiar, oh shades of Jean?"
09/24/2012 page 38
21.0% "noticing - no chapter links in table of contents. rather inconvenient that. just finished first full on sex scene and - was pretty hot. Nik seems soo nice and normal compared to his family. but then, he did seem that way before. always wondered what turned that sweet little girl into...that. will we ever find out?" 1 comment
09/24/2012 page 86
49.0% "Whoa. Vadim spoke Russian. I thought he hated that language now."
09/24/2012 page 89
50.0% "noting: appreciate how what Katya had told Nikolai about gay men had apparently greatly influenced him subconsciously"
09/24/2012 page 89
50.0% "PS: I is suspecting Dan is in France. *harumphing*"
09/24/2012 page 89
50.0% "Ack. I still have about 25 pages. I'm nervous about what else might happen to get between Nik and Henri."
09/24/2012 page 89
50.0% "lol. It does, doesn't it? Glad Vadim picked up new tricks."
09/24/2012 page 105
60.0% "aww. Vadim is so cute, giving a bright smile at being called Dad." 1 comment
09/24/2012 page 106
60.0% "Perplexed. There was one more daughter. Why doesn't Nikolai mention the youngest?"
09/24/2012 page 114
65.0% "Ruslan sounds like a good guy but... hope that this revelation about Henri didn't put any nasty thoughts into his head, but I'm nervous, especially after Henri's confession that not many people know about his sexual orientation. *biting nails*"
09/24/2012 page 114
65.0% "aww. "Henri turned his back on his uncle and all but ran to Nikolai's side." Cute!"
09/24/2012 page 114
65.0% "I want to reread SF again. But it's soo long. *dithers*"

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message 1: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov The other sister is not mentioned because she is not my character. :) I had to leave out all characters that I don't own.

The UHQ Nasanta I figured it was something like that! It just made the story a bit perplexing, though.


message 3: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov I figured that you don't really think about relatives you haven't seen in years and that don't give you constant grief (at least I don't). So I expect their relationship to be smooth and distant. At which point mentioning her would have been weird - like making a catalogue of people who appeared in SF. :)

The UHQ Nasanta I guess I'm a bit of a stickler for minutia, which I know is sometimes a trial for people who listen to me talk. So when Nikolai was speaking of his mother and sister, it just bothered me a little that in his "family", he didn't mention the youngest. It felt as if you had, err, forgotten her (:P); whereas, for Dan, you had made up an excuse for why he wasn't present in the story that I could easily accept.

So, was he or was he not in France with a certain someone? O:-)

But thank you for your explanation.

message 5: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov Yep, I'd considered that but decided to not add any "cast" in readers' minds that I wouldn't be using (and won't be using in any potential sequel :) ).

And, no idea where Dan was. Not my character. :)

The UHQ Nasanta Aleksandr wrote: "Yep, I'd considered that but decided to not add any "cast" in readers' minds that I wouldn't be using (and won't be using in any potential sequel :) ).

And, no idea where Dan was. Not my character..."

Yeah, that makes sense to me. I'm just a bit curious about how she grew up and what her relationship with Dan (and Vadim) is like now.

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