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America Alone by Mark Steyn
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Jan 06, 2009

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I knew going in to this book that it would be an extreme right-of-center depiction of the not-so-distant future for the US and the path the rest of the world is taking. However, I was pleased to discover that the author is Canadian living and working in the US, and isn't nearly as vitrolic in his criticisms of society as other Conservative commentators are. Steyn's worldview is much more considered and inclusive of other English-speaking nations and their historical perspectives. Having said that, I found myself ready to write off the whole of the Middle Eastern countries and their peoples due to the depiction of Islam and its adherents' true theosophic goals as expressed and represented by statements given by various imams within the past decade. According to this book, there are no truly "moderate" Muslims, just those who implicitly agree with the cause of the terrorists, since Islam inherently places Christians as second-class citizens in the aspirations of Islam. Wars of containment and without definite enemies are doomed to failure (eg Vietnam, and the ethereal War on Drugs), and the US's War on Terror is on the same track of long disappointment...maybe we should do something that is more definitive and meaningful is the suggestion this book seems to ends with.
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