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A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
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Jan 06, 09

bookshelves: to-be-forcefully-thrown

Is there a rating below 1 star I can give?

I think this is about where I gave up on this bloody series. (And I only got this far because I was on a long road trip/camping trip, and I picked them up cheap at a used book store in Anchorage, IIRC.) But I have to admit that I can't tell them apart. I honestly have no idea what happened where after about book 1. Which is, in large part, why I gave up on this atrocious pile of overwritten, paid-by-the-word crap.

A friend of mine said, at the time, of Book 7, "Not much happened in this one. It was mostly character development."

Excuse me?

Let me get this straight. We've had SIX THOUSAND PAGES of these morons diddling around by now, and they're STILL not doing anything? What is there to say about their character anymore? You should know everything from the fillings in their teeth to what they ate for breakfast when they were to what they dream of when they're jerking off. (Ok, maybe Jordan does tell us the last one. I'm not sure -- it's all lost in the haze now.)

At this point, it was clear that Jordan was just padding his pockets, and had no intention of ever actually going anywhere with this "story". Too many trees have died to support this shit already, and too many brain cells have been abused by it. Stop the madness.
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message 1: by Mihrimah (new)

Mihrimah A whole one? You're being very generous.

Terran Sorry -- goodreads doesn't seem to support -2 stars...

Stacey Ha! I think I struggled through until this one too, but I really can't remember. My objections were about the same. How can you write 200 pages and only an hour has passed? It took longer than that for me to read it! Pah. What a waste of time. I hear they didn't get any better, and that the posthumous books were similarly dragged out into doorstop proportions.

Trisha If you read my review of this one, you'll see that quite a bit did happen in this book ;) But the pacing is a little slow, I'll admit :D

Erica You are not the only one. I actually ripped a page out of it (I was in high school...) because I was so ANGRY at this book for wasting my time.

David Sarkies Maybe Jordan was reminding us of the character traits of his characters in case we forgot (or simply skipped the first five books).

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