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Crash by Nicole  Williams
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Sep 23, 12

Read in September, 2012

I found this book very readable and pretty entertaining, which is all I ever require from my reading. There were some inconsistencies that drove me a little bit crazy. I know that the school is supposed to be like an inner city type of school, hence, the metal detectors, but nothing seems to happen at this school to justify why it would have one. Other than Jude's inappropriate fits of aggression, there was not a single fight or any other type of student than the uppity students that Lucy was 'friends' with. She acted like her family was struggling, yet her dad whipped up gourmet meals every night. Her cabin also sounded lush enough that I couldn't feel all that bad that her family needed to downsize.

I found Lucy to be kind of a bitch. She was far too smart ass for me, there was never a break from it. She slammed her friends at every turn and she was just as judgemental as the student body she was irritated with. It was irritating how the plot advanced depending on what would create the most drama. While I sympathized with her loss, I felt like it was thrown in for dramatic effect.

I did think that Jude had some very sweet moments, but he had some control issues that made me cringe. His penchent for flying off the handle irritated me and made me think that would not be the kind of boyfriend I would want for my daughter, because that is the kind of guy that ends up on an episode of "Cops" when he's older. I also felt that for a YA novel, it seemed to venture into some adult romance territory. But I could be too old, who knows.

I did enjoy the sweet moments between them.

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