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In the Pleasure Groove by Nigel John Taylor
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Oct 21, 12

Read from September 22 to October 20, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Yes, I fess up... I've been a Duranie since 1985... I grew up with the band and with JT, so am generally up to speed with Duran's timeline and probably read it from a whole different perspective than someone who knows them simply as that eighties band with a bunch of hits and interesting video's.
After reading Wild Boy by Andy Taylor (no, I am not going to say the two are not related... I am just not) I was really curious about what this Taylor was going to say and what his perspective was and is (really love the idea of same story, different perspectives so Nick, Simon and Roger - get writing boys!).

First it is a good read I really enjoyed it, it is funny, sincere, nostalgic and quite heartwarming the early years read like it could be put into a movie, it could. Loved the way the songs came to existence, JT's family, his parents, meeting Nick and them being up and about Brum with a huge passion of music and style.

Second yes even as a Duranie there were loads of things I did not know... That Notorious was Hitchcock inspired (do feel a bit silly now), that he wasn't involved in making the song 'Come Undone', 'The Edge of America' is about the shore at Chicago, Michigan Lake. And that he says that the song 'Do You Believe in Shame' is the first one of a trilogy remembering the passing of a dear friend of Simon's the second was 'Ordinary World' and that he has no clue of what the third one is. That just baffled me... I thought it was 'Out of My Mind'... According to Wikipedia it is (alas he left the band by the time that song was recorded - but in hindsight, he could have known)... Or maybe we all are wrong and only Simon knows the answer...
Third JT is quite tough on himself and comments on the do's and dont's on his younger self. I really appreciated that in a coming of age kind of way; As a fan makes me appreciate the person behind the bass even more.

Fourth, why not four stars or more? Simple it was way too short... it felt unfinished and especially at the end (the reunion to present but to be honest things get sped up from Notorious on)... rushed. Being more than 60% through the book and The Bass God was at Wild Boys (Duran Career 1978 - present, Wild Boys was released in October 1984). Of course or probably most are interested in the early years, well than just write a book about the early years. I was hoping on a biography up till the moment he put his pen down, not so much. As tough as he is on himself as easy he is on the people in his life, when he mentions tribulations he does not elaborate or really discloses how he feels (no mention of the A View to a Kill yodel during Live Aide - would imagine that as the band was at odds with each other that that did not help - or maybe it was just ignored b/c of the chilly situation - I do not know it is not mentioned). I would have loved to have read about getting older, having a family the joys and problems- juggling a family with band live, US vs UK, the importance of Duran in his life. His current music tastes and and distastes. The whole deal with Andy leaving AGAIN is just summarized as 'not musical differences but differences period'. That's it... What did he think of albums Medezzaland and Pop Trash? How did the last three albums came to be Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, All You Need is Now? songs that not made the cut, album that was not released Reportage, the collaboration with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, Mark Ronson. Quitting smoking. No mention of Andy Hamilton or Simon Willescroft (or any of the backing vocals - there is a picture of both Simon and Anna), or Wes Wehmiller who replaced him on tour when he quit. His adventures being creative with cd sleeves and tour books, clothing for the RCM tour and the collaboration there with Juicy especially since he did mention this passion of this in the early years. Concerts like the revival of Live 8 (I think it was called now), Unstaged with David Lynch, the fan gig they did in '07 in NYC... The early gigs of the AYNIN tour with girls on string instruments...

Last but not least it was a good read I enjoyed it a lot, the photography is elaborate and just lovely. I spoiled myself and got the audio too and read along while John read it. New experience for me and it sure added to the experience. I have never cried reading a book, never! (cry my eyes out in front of the tv or in the movie theater but a book... nope) well mr. Taylor managed to get me bawling twice! It must have been the audio.

I hope he will eventually update this book, it would be a missed chance not to.
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61.0% "I am enjoying this alot, as a curious person I love to have a peak at what happens behind closed doors. I am just not sure how JT is going to finish this... I am well over half and we're at Wild Boys... Feels like things are going to be rushed... Or a sequel?"

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