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Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
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Sep 22, 12

bookshelves: heart-wrencher, just-plain-good, good-hero
Recommended to Isabelle by: No one, I just picked it up at the library.
Recommended for: YA fans
read count: 2

This book was pretty darn good for several reasons. Yes, of course, I'm going to talk all about them (and I love to talk, so this might take a while).

Most apocalyptic books start after the big disaster has happened. They tell you millions or billions or trillions of people died, it was because of global warming or some war, blah-de-da-de-da. Basically, it doesn't stick in your mind. It's a small part of the actual story and sometimes seems there just to make the reader feel like the main character is really going through something tough. They may be, but I'm just saying that it doesn't seem real.

This book started before the apocalypse. Then everybody died, and it was so real. I was worried, then sad, then horrified at what had happened. Then just . . . sorry for Dean because his parents might be gone or dead and (view spoiler)

In most romance books the realization of love happens somewhere in the middle. In the case of insta-love it happens in about two seconds of knowing each other. Haha-nice try. In this book the love interest (named Astrid) doesn't like Dean. She thinks he's weird and she loves Jake, the former star quarterback. Dean thinks she's the most wonderful person alive, so it's a bit sad (I mean, not as sad as the fact that most everybody outside the supermarket is dead or missing, it's not even close, but it's still pretty sad).

I feel like I'm a sadist when I say this, but I thought it was a really clever idea to have the (view spoiler)

The little kids were really cute (except for what's-her-face who was really annoying).

See ya, peeps!

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