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Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
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I really enjoyed getting back into this world, but found myself very disappointed when the book came to an end and I had to leave again. The plotline came to a successful conclusion, but I wanted more out of the hints of character development between Anna and Charles.

There were no follow-ups, or there were frustrating fade-to-blacks, on too many of the really cool moments. Like when Charles opened up completely on the dock and pulled Anna inside his walls. I would have loved to see that followed up.

Or when Charles and Anna were talking about the fact that Charles didn't like to be touched normally, and Anna needed her wolf's presence to initiate sex. The set up was perfect; the foreplay was sweet; the fade to black sucked.

Basically, the plot got in the way of Anna and Charles continuing to get to know each other. I know, I know. With a series, some stuff needs to be held back for future books, but I found myself wanting more. Like having a perfect bite of the perfect food, but having no more than a bite. Leaves you with this strange blend of bliss and dissatisfaction.

So, really, what I want is the next several books all at once. And I want an end to these fade-to-black scenes. These are adult books, give us some sex. It doesn't have to even get super explicit. I just wanted to see Anna "petting" Charles. *g*

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Patricia Briggs
“If it would benefit you, I would kill every wolf here. But there are things that you need to do -- and interfering with that is not protecting, not in my book. The best way for me to protect you is to encourage you to be able to protect yourself.”
Patricia Briggs, Hunting Ground

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08/28/2009 "Took a little while to slide back into this world, but I really love the characters, especially Anna, Charles (and Brother Wolf *g*)."

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