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Some Girls by Jillian Lauren
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Sep 21, 12

I had to go online after I finished this book to verify that at least part of the tale she told was true, and it appears to have been. The author dropped out of college at NYU to join an escort service at the tender age of 18 (?) and from there it was just a hop, skip, and jump to her next job, which brings us to Life in a Harem. She was recruited and flown to Brunei with several other American women for the sole purpose of entertaining the Prince and his brother and any chosen pals of theirs. While in Brunei, they lived in splendor and made a ton of money. But harem is a harem, whether in ancient times or modern day, and after awhile it gets pretty boring, though the book does not. Each night they all gathered in their finest and sat around at a party till the Prince made his appearance, chose his companion for the night and left. The guy didn't want to spend a lot of time at the party, but he wanted to know that it was there every night, happening, waiting for him. And whether he came in at midnight or 4 a.m., nobody was allowed to leave till after he left.

For all its glamor, the life of the harem girls was downright dull. They did nothing all day except sunbathe, watch movies, and polish their nails. If they were not the chosen one, they then did nothing all night, except sit around at the party pretending to party. Our heroine does get treated to a royal shopping spree in Singapore which is just a delightful if sickeningly decadent adventure. Her driver is instructed to take her to every store of any note and she is allowed to buy all the designer shoes, handbags, and clothing she cares to, and the shops even open after hours for her to extend her time. I think she filled 5 Louis Vitton suitcases with her purchases.

The book is annoying in some places because there are gaps and unexplained details (why do the other American girls hate her so much, even before the prince chooses her?) But altogether, the author is interesting and often humorous, and the story is as good a tale as Scheherazade ever told.
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Sophie Maybe the girls hated her because a) she was more competition and/or b) they saw her as beautiful and were jealous of her. Maybe that helps with one of the gaps. :)

Judith Sure, it could have been a number of reasons, but we are talking about a harem here where all the girls were beautiful and they were all in competition with each other and they didn't hate everyone. So why hate her? Thanks anyhow for trying to help me understand. I do appreciate it.

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