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Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger
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Sep 21, 2012

it was amazing
Read from September 21 to 25, 2012

OMW this book!!! THIS book!!! *FEELS*
*Runs off to write full review*

Full review:

This story is about Vane, a seventeen-year-old orphan who finds out there is more to him than meets the eye. As a child, Vane survives a category five tornado that killed his parents. Ever since that day, he’s been dreaming (and sometimes possibly seeing) a girl. The girl, Audra, is not a figment of his imagination, but a mystical creature who is his guardian. As events take place, Vane and Audra meet face to face. He discovers the truth of his nature, and together they will have to fight in order to save themselves and those depending on them.
Now, let’s talk about this book. No, seriously, I have no idea where to start. Do I begin with the fabulous storyline? Can we talk about swoon-worthy Vane? or kick butt Audra? Or how about the beautiful writing? See my problem here? Too much of good stuff just overwhelming the brain.
Vane. Oh, Vane *le sigh* I really enjoyed watching this boy grow. I really liked how he really started out as a typical teenage boy, full on with his laziness (I’m a pro at teenage boys, I have brothers). Yet, as the story went on, I really felt like he worked at becoming a better version of himself. I have to say, I’m a sucker for those unlikely heroes.
Audra. Well, she was just a ball of laughs, that one (feel the sarcasm?) I actually really enjoyed Audra as a character. Her strict, take no nonsense was refreshing. I like me a good heroine and Audra really portrayed that to me. She had to work through some personal issues, make a teenage boy listen to her, and kick butt in the process. It’s a win all around.
The writing here was amazing. I’ve stated previously that I really enjoy dual point of view. Especially when it’s done properly. I have to say, Shannon nailed it. Both of the characters were given new depths through her use of interchangeable point of views, taking the story to a whole new level. There are no many things out there (in literature) that haven’t been tried, yet I felt that Shannon introduced a new side to the story. The world she created was realistic, enchanting, and right outside our front doors.
There is one sad thing about this book. It doesn’t release until March of 2013. Yes, that is along time, and even longer for me waiting for that second one. Seriously, I might be in tears over here with the waiting. But I highly recommend everyone to pre-order this book. You won’t be sorry. And go ahead, come back and thank me for sharing the awesome! :)
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