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Footsteps Of The Hawk by Andrew Vachss
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Jan 09, 09

Read in January, 2009

** spoiler alert ** After floundering in the last book (Down In The Zero) -- and having way too much sex, seriously -- Burke seems back on track here, boxed between two cops and their games; McGowan's old partner Morales and Belinda, the hot cop who has been after Burke's contact info for a couple of books now.

The tension is well maintained, but there were points when I lost who was doing what. The Righteous Crusader we'd been lectured at in the past was also gone -- but quite honestly, I didn't really mind Burke's inner monologues against sexual predators, but others have and it probably did detract from the story. We know Burke's beef. We know he's been used and abused and we know his trigger is kids, and it doesn't really need to be pounded home quite so hard -- but all the same, it was kind odd to not have at least one moment of 'Child of the Secret' bitterness from Burke that came with a monologue.

It probably had to do with the case; it was adult crimes on other adults -- sex based, certainly, and had it's ROOT in past abuse -- but it was still adults hurting other adults. To Burke's mind, that's just the human animal, hunting and pissing. Hardly that surprising, especially not to the man who has seen Inside Time. It didn't really turn his personal crank until the end, when one discover the roots of the killer's particular psychosis.

Either way, it seems like this book is better then the last, and so I'll continue on to the next, False Allegations, with vigor, as soon as I've whittled down some of my 'to be read' pile. Still, returning to Burke's New York has always been a strange pleasure for me, so I might find some way to get back there sooner rather then later.

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