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Rachel's Tears by Darrell Scott
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"God is going to use me to reach young people. I don't know how, I don't know when..." - Rachel Joy Scott
Rachel's Tears by Beth Nimmo is about Columbine martyr Rachel Joy Scott. Various people who knew her write about that tragic day and the type of person Rachel was.
Her brother Craig was also there but survived by pretending to be dead. He got up and led people out even though his two best friends were killed. Rachel was eating lunch with a friend when she was shot and killed. Rachel was just like any regular teen. She loved acting and hung out with friends. The only difference was she wasn't afraid to share the gospel and she loved people everyone else made fun of. One boy with a disorder who had no friends met her one day. Rachel asked if he had ever gone on a date. He said no. So she said she would take him on a date. The date never happened because of her death. She kept journals were she wrote to God, in which she wrote a lot about not making it through 1999 {the here of the shooting}. When she talked to people and people talked about her getting married or having kids, she would get quiet and act as if the future was not even going to happen for her. In one of her journals she wrote, "This will be my last year Lord. I have gotten what I can. Thank you." Many times she would talk to Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the gunmen, in classes. One of them supposedly had a crush on her. But it was an on going war. They were violent, and she was kind and loving. She has inspired millions of people because of her death.
The morals of this story is never hide your faith, God can turn something bad into something beautiful, and tommorow is not a promise. Rachel and another girl were asked right before they were shot, did they believe in God. When they answered yes they were shot. Most of the students killed were Christians. On video blogs the killers ranted about hating people with faith. But lots of people have come to light because of them. It is interesting about the people who died that day. At the end of the book, it points out that Years ago, a teacher {Jesus Christ} and his twelve students {the disciples} brought change to the Earth. Twelve students and one teacher were killed at Columbine, changing history forever. The first Teacher was called the "Son of David," and the teacher at Columbine last name was David. The First teacher was called "The Lamb of God". Rachel's name meant lamb. She also preformed a mime to the song "Watch the Lamb." Reading what family and friends wrote about her, Rachel was willing to give up everything. Five of her friends dumped her because she loved God so much. She still would not denounce her faith. She struggled like any other teen, but she always went out seeking the solutions to her problems. Most people would have given up at the start, but Rachel pressed on, spreading joy even when she was in pain. And if that doesn't show faith, then I don't know what does.
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