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The Viking's Captive by Julia Byrne
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Sep 20, 2012

liked it
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Read from September 18 to 19, 2012 — I own a copy

Yvaine sees her chance for freedom from her overbearing husband when vikings raid their manor. But her husband catches her before she can escape and decides to beat her and leave her to the vikings. Rorik is immediately captivated by the golden haired beauty. She is tied up and it takes him a few seconds to realize she has been beaten. But when he does he is enraged and seeks revenge on her behalf. Then he breaks his own rule about taking women captive, and takes her to his ship, because Yvaine is his.

At first Yvaine annoyed me. She was sort of wishy washy. She would be talking to Rorik normally and then something would set her off and she would turn on him. But then I found her antics to be sort of funny. She would talk honestly about her feelings with the other women and come up with a plan to keep Rorik at arms length, and then the second she saw him she would forget it all. I found it funny because she would almost give herself a pep talk and then all her thoughts would drain from her head when she saw him and she would stand here with her mouth hanging open.

I liked that Rorik was so protective of Yvaine right from the start. Every time she got in trouble he was right there ready to save her. I liked that. I also liked that there were lot of opportunities for him to save her.

One thing that annoyed me was when they talked the author quoted them with 'this' instead of "this." I hate when books do that.



"True, but the more I learn of you, lady, the less faith I place in your sense of prudence."

"Well, that will teach you to make enquiries the next time you consider kidnapping someone, won't it."

~Rorik and Yvaine


"I was planning to kidnap you again even before I knew your response to Edward's plans. To hold you until I won your heart or we knew there was a child."

"Holy Saints! You were going to force the king's hand?"

"If you loved me. Or even if you didn't" he added, a wicked smile dawning through the implacable purpose in his eyes. "I knew you didn't hate me. I was going to build on that."

~Rorik and Yvaine

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