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The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz
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Sep 20, 2012

it was amazing

Not a day goes by that I do not live by these four agreements. It was recommended to me about 9 years ago, and from the minute I opened its covers I knew Don Miguel was going to help me change my life. I have used the agreements to illustrate situations of all kinds, from familial relationships to my son's hockey tryouts. The toughest one, still, for me is Agreement #2: Don't Take Things Personally. I still do. Less than before, but it's still a tough one to master. However, every day I invoke at least one Agreement vocally, and at the end of each day I review how they might have helped me to overcome a challenge or embrace a triumph.

I have gifted this book many times. It continues to be a driving force in my life and I am all the better for having these guidelines to help me navigate the tough terrain.

Highly recommended for anyone with the desire to understand how to maximize each day and accept that things may not go our way but that we are in control to make the changes we wish to see.
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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa mm...interesting review. Do you think these ways to look at life are suitable for modern generation?

Lissa Albert I absolutely do. I keep telling my kids - and have been since reading the book - at one point or another, how to implement these agreements. Each of the four is rather simplistic:

1. Be impeccable with your word (impeccable means "without sin" - say what you mean, mean what you say)

2. Don't take things personally (my hardest to follow - most people find it hard but when I struggle with affronts that feel personal, I try to stop and remember where it is coming from). Don Miguel even says he doesn't take positive things personally. When people tell him that he has changed their lives, he doesn't take that personally, and tells them they have changed their lives.

3. Don't make assumptions. Sounds easy, right? But I tell my kids this all the time, in relation to school as well as life. If there is any question remaining in your mind, you are going to have to make an assumption and you will not know the facts

4. Always do your best. This one is the redemption. So if you HAVE taken something personal today, it isn't because you have failed, you have done your best today and tomorrow your best may help you succeed a little more.

My kids get it - they may not practice is all the time but when they are struggling with a situation, I - consciously or subconsciously - invoke one of the agreements and help them through.

So yes, I definitely believe we should all internalize these rules for life and implement them on a daily basis. And the modern generation could use some guidance in simple, but profound ways.

The 4 Agreements may SEEM simplistic but the explanations in the book, the examples, and even the companion book help to flesh out the practice of bringing them into daily life.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Lissa wrote: "I absolutely do. I keep telling my kids - and have been since reading the book - at one point or another, how to implement these agreements. Each of the four is rather simplistic:

1. Be impeccable..."

woow... very interesting. Thanks!

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Did you read "a crossing or the drop's history" by Anatoliy Obraztsov?

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