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Civil War by Mark Millar
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Jan 04, 2009

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** spoiler alert ** Maybe I'm kind of dumb, but I don't really get this. A whole bunch of superheroes and villains have it out in midtown Manhattan, they destroy buildings and wreck havoc for a few square blocks, but then a handful of ordinary people seem to make their way through the fray and can seem to hold back Captain America from bashing in Iron Man's head, and he all of a sudden has a revelation that maybe the war should end, he lets himself be arrested and then a general amnesty is given to all of the heroes on both sides, after they just seriously fucked up New York, and probably killed a bunch of people. It felt like they couldn't figure a way out of what they had written themselves into so the writers just kind of gave some really stupid conclusion to the Civil War. Or at least it didn't make any sense to me.

Another thought on the ending. Ultimately any taking away of civil liberties is fine, because the government will be making things safer for everyone. The whole series is obviously a commentary on the post 9/11 landscape of America, with Iron Man being on the Bush side demanding a decrease in liberties for a greater security, and Captain America opposing the march towards a more totalitarian government. By surrendering Captain America because the 'common folk' hold him back, and he sees the war he's been fighting hasn't been fought in their interest at all can be a sad commentary on the way that sweeping paranoia and fear mongering can sway public perceptions and opinions and work as a way of slyly legitimizing deplorable actions.

There is still more to come in this story arc with the Initiative, so maybe things will look up for the America that exists in Marvel land, but by what has happened here the goose steps are getting louder and the real opposition to their approach has given up the fight because of popular opinion. Good thing this is only a comic book, right?

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message 1: by Zee (new) - rated it 2 stars

Zee Liked your 9/11 perspective on it. Hadn't thought of it in that way. Great review!

Kurt While I generally agree with your point, just glad I had already read CIVIL WAR before reading your plot revealing critique.

Todd There isn't general amnesty, though?

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